Wednesday 1 May 2024

ZOLLE - Rosa (Album Review)

Release Date: May 03rd 2024. Record Label: Subsound Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Rosa - Tracklisting



3.Toffolette e Zuccherini






9.Fiocco video

10.Maialini e Maialine






Rosa is the new full length album from Italian Sludge/Noise/Stoner Rockers ZOLLE and the band are back with another buoyant new record which is outlandish and offers the listener a brilliantly uplifting good time. Embracing the wilder side of Stoner Metal with a playful attitude with a plethora of Psychedelic Noises, Ambient Sounds and a fantastic sense of Doom-Pop melodies spliced throughout the whole album.

Opening track Pepe feels partially inspired by TORCHE in places but with ZOLLE adding a chaotic energy with Sludge Rock beats that’s quite aggressive and fast paced when it wants to be. Shades of Experimental energy appear that has a slight Melvins vibe but allowing ZOLLE to perform the music they’re wonderfully known for. 

Second track Lana continues with the frantic Sludge/Noise Rock theatrics with the heavy pounding drums from Stefano building up a wall of Psychedelic Waves for Marcello to add his jagged guitars that combine for another energetic round of high voltage Sludge/Stoner Rock. ZOLLE have a great talent of writing sublime uplifting songs without the need for harsh abrasive atmospherics and this track proves that point whilst still bringing a fresh round of HEAVY GROOVES to head-bang to.

Third track Toffolette e Zuccherini is a more subdued track with a lush sounding Post-Rock score and exquisite vocals appearing with soulful Doom-Pop melodies soon changing into more heavy based Sludge/Stoner instrumental jams. This is perhaps my favourite track on the album and perhaps one of my favourite ever tracks that I’ve heard from ZOLLE. As the uplifting energy from the track is highly infectious with the track being constantly HEAVY without the need of being HEAVY at the same time.

ZOLLE continues with the Noise Rock angle for the next few tracks of Merda, Pompon and Pois with that aggressive Sludge/Stoner melodic angle that’s being the more dominant attitude of the album which can be quite flashy and overpowering at times. However, the addictive and warm natured energy allows ZOLLE to experiment across the musical spectrum especially with the fabulous vocals that are quite catchy even when set against the Punk Rock backdrop that appears from time-to-time.

The final stages of the album is where the heaviest and surreal moments of the record appear whilst still retaining the zany creative attitude of the earlier stages of the album with tracks such as Confetto, Fiocco Video and Maialini e Maialine being the other standout tracks on an already wild, varied and highly inventive album such as Rosa.

Rosa is perhaps ZOLLE’s most brilliantly original record to date and may end up becoming one of the most exciting and wildest albums to be released this year. Another ALBUM OF THE YEAR contender is right here. Absolutely superb. No question.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for the promo.

Rosa will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Subsound Records from Friday May 3rd 2024.


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