Monday 6 May 2024

Italian Post-Core Machine ORIGOD Unveil Full Album Details For "Impression"; New Single Out Now

Italian five-piece post-core band ORIGOD returns with a new album, entitled "Impression", to be released via Argonauta Records on May 31st, 2024.

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:

01 - When They Lock The Door
02 - Icarus
03 - Impression
04 - Sometimes
05 - Lapis Niger
06 - Wounds
07 - Perception Review
08 - Blessed Or Cursed

Today is also the day the band released a new single and official music video for 'When They Lock The Door.' Watch it below: 

Turin, 2007: this is the genesis of Origod. Their sound is a unique blend of Cave In and early Mastodon sounds, songs full of groove and melodies for an extraordinary Post-Metal and Hardcore assault.

In 2008 they participated in the "Nightpieces Vol. 5" compilation by the Turin-based Dracma Records, with the song: "Freedom Is In The End", produced by Carlo Ortolano. Then they participate with Braindamage, Broken Glazz, Medusa and other bands at the Dracma Metal Festival.

They released their first album "A New Dawn Fades" for One Voice Recordings in 2010, produced by Daniele Giordana, a sound engineer who boasts many important live and studio collaborations with Monster Magnet, Hatebreed, Machine Head and many others.

In the following years they performed around a hundred concerts in northern Italy, sharing the stage with: Abraham, Eric Forrest (Voivod), Titor, Sunpocrisy, Skarhead, Ultra-Violence, Strange Fear, Stigma, Jordaan, Concrete Block, Ruggine, Infall, O, An evening with knives, If I die today, Fuco, Tons, Doctor Cyclops, Nudist, Juggernaut and many others.

On March 30, 2018 they released their second album "Solitude in Time and Space" for ARGONAUTA Records, well reviewed by critics and audiences. The album was produced by Danilo Battocchio at Deepest Sea Studio in Turin.

In 2021 the band add to its original lineup: Rubens Caligiuri (Sneakers, Turin hard-core band in the 90s) as an additional guitarist and drummer Marco Di Nocco (Medusa, Tons and NoInfo) who will replace Luciano Cotta, involved in other music projects.

The five-piece band is currently working on its new album “Impression” in Redwood Recording Studio, which marks an important further evolution of their sound.


Rubens Caligiuri – guitar
Dario Chiadini – guitar
Vincenzo Circosta – voice
Marco Di Nocco – drums
Marco Miglietti – bass guitar

For more info:

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