Tuesday 7 May 2024

Spaceslug - Out Of Water (EP Review)

Release Date: May 03rd 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Out Of Water - Tracklisting

1.Tears Of Antimatter 06:20

2.Arise The Sun 08:36

3.Out Of Water 05:49

4.Delusions 05:30

5.In Serenity 05:48

Band Members

Bartosz Janik - guitars, vocals

Jan Rutka - bass, vocals

Kamil Ziółkowski - drums, vocals


Out Of Water is the new EP from Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metallers Spaceslug and it’s a record that offers thirty two minutes of trippy and pure Cosmic Doom heaviness from one of the most impressive and brilliantly creative bands from the underground scene. This time round Spaceslug continues the journey last heard on their 2021 release Memorial by blending this with the world-weary mysticism of their earlier albums.

The EP sees Spaceslug combining a wealth of different sounding vocals from all three members all vying for lead vocalist slot. The sound and journey of Out Of Water is one of despair and progressive heaviness which Spaceslug are absolute masters at. Heavy sludgy guitars have been given a slightly Post-Rock/Post-Metallic sound with the Progressive energy of Bartosz guitars allowing Jan and Kamil to conjure up a more gloomy and psychedelic sound on Bass and Drums respectively.

Spaceslug has written some spellbinding lyrics that gives Out Of Water a wholly driven narrative structure especially on the first two opening tracks of Tears Of Antimatter and Arise The Sun. There’s some similar themes and sounds on drummer Kamil's recent studio project Mountain Of Misery but with Spaceslug playing with a more bleak and destructive sound.

The EP sees Spaceslug become more thoughtful and reflective within their lyrics and even using some cinematic sounding Post-Rock movements on the later stages of the EP on tracks such as Out Of Water and Delusions. 

Out Of Water is a brilliant mix of harsh, ice-cold and progressive grooves that once again allows Spaceslug to bridge the gap between Psychedelic Stoner Metal and Cosmic Doom Metal for a refreshing style of music that only they can deliver. 

Spacrslug have once again delivered the goods and released an outstanding EP that takes their music to dramatic new heights which their dedicated fan-base will no doubt listen to time and time again. Sublime. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe


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