Friday 3 May 2024

Void Commander wield Blues & Stoner Rock on new LP "Alien Queen" out June 7, single "Sweet Depression" out now

Sweden’s history of top-notch stoner rock is a well known one, and the latest addition to the country’s legacy is trio Void Commander’s new album, “Alien Queen”. Their third album, the band dig ever deeper into their blues and classic rock sound, creating a hazy, cosmic journey that drifts and drawls just right. If Creedence Clearwater Revival time traveled to the future, got their hands on some extra fuzzy pedas, and lit up with All Them Witches, Void Commander would emerge from the smoke, harmonicas held high.

From the throbbing low-end groove of “To The Grave” to the laidback, tasty southern blues of “Sweet Depression”, Void Commander navigate their breadth of sound on “Alien Queen” locked-in and wholly committed to the sonic world they’ve created. 

Retro yet pushing their craft ever further, the band have created an album that oozes an easy confidence and undeniable identity front to back. Void Commander arrive on their flying saucer from the past to plant their flag in the murky stoner of today.

Their latest and final single, “Sweet Depression”, is out streaming May 3, and the full album “Alien Queen” lands June 7.

In the band's own words:

"Inspired by the mystique of space travels intertwined with the enigmatic allure of witchcraft and occultism, Alien Queen is more than just an album; it's an expedition across the sonic universe, designed for those who dare to explore the edges of Stoner Metal and Hard Rock.

Dive into the cosmic depths with Void Commander as we unveil our latest creation, Alien Queen. This stellar journey is brought to you by the combined forces of Majestic Mountain Records and Interstellar Smoke Label, ensuring an otherworldly auditory experience.

Out June 7, 2024 (Digital, Vinyl) - Majestic Mountain Records & Interstellar Smoke Records

Void Commander is:

Bobbie - Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy - Drums
Linus - Bass


1. To The Grave (7:46)
2. Sweet Depression (4:54)
3. Dyke Blues (3:22)
4. Bloodred Knight Alright (5:34)
5. Alien Queen (7:13)
6. Jam in C (8:17)
7. The Night Took My Name (5:45)

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