Monday 6 May 2024

CALLUS - Gravis Decennium (Album Review)

Release Date: May 10th 2024. Record Label: Trepanation Recordings. Formats: CD/Cassette/DD

Gravis Decennium - Tracklisting


2.The Primordial

3.Infinite Beef Machine 


5.The Dunwich Horror

6.Leg Slice

7.The Root of all Evil



Doom/Thrash/Stoner Metallers CALLUS third album Gravis Decennium sees the band continue with their obsessive down-tuned journey that fuses a more intense Heavy Metal sound with the band becoming quite intricate with their multiple styles of different sounds. The album is quite unforgiving with it’s THRASH beats and breakdowns whilst keeping mostly in line with their Stoner Metal identity. CALLUS do generate some classic sound THRASH grooves that have echoes of Lamb Of God, Pantera and Metallica in places.

Gravis Decennium allows CALLUS to present a tenth anniversary speciality of earlier material fully re-recorded with crushing new production to celebrate a whole decade. So even though these songs have been released previously, they haven’t been heard like this before.

This feels like a different sounding CALLUS compared to their previous celebrated 2021 release A Breath Of Fresh Air. The vocals are Doom/Thrash based with a slight James Hetfield swagger to them whilst the music becomes more aggressive and fast-paced on the excellent opening batch of tracks Yog-Sabbath, The Primordial and Infinite Beef Machine. Clean vocals and harsh growls are part of the main course of destructive quality with the filth and dirge ridden lyrics that gives Gravis Decennium a menacing appeal.

However, there’s some fantastic and black pitched humour that appears within the record that showcases CALLUS are happy to have some demented fun with their music.

Other great tracks to check out are:Cycloid, The Dulwich Horror, The Root Of All Evil and Dreameater. 

Gravis Decennium does feel like a brand new studio full length recording with the new production values and techniques compared to the original versions. The tracks are way more Psychedelic compared to the originals with a buoyant SONIC attitude heard throughout the album. 

If you’re new to CALLUS and want the right introduction to the band then Gravis Decennium is the perfect way to do this. As this record is an excellent album full of brutal Doom/Stoner Metal grooves that has a vicious Thrash/Groove Metal identity to standout from the crowd with.

Excellent and HIghly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

This is also the last ever release from cult UK underground label Trepanation Recordings who are sadly calling it a day after five years of terrific service and sublime releases. I want to say thank you to Dan Dolby for his tireless work and dedication to the scene. You’ll be sadly missed and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Thanks to Trepanation Recordings for the promo.

Gravis Decennium will be available to buy on CD/DD/Cassette from Trepanation Recordings from Friday May 10th 2024.


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