Thursday 29 February 2024

Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Metallers KALGON Announce New Album Details

Kalgon’s 7 track debut album features the raw elements that have defined them since they began two years ago. With a truly DIY approach, Kalgon’s self-titled release portrays the trio as they sound, with minimal embellishment. The album was engineered by Kalgon and mixed by Kevin Boggs.

With heavy psych, thrash, blues and stoner-doom stylings matched with steady low end riffs, the album runs a varied and dynamic course, all while nodding to throwback doom grooviness.

Lyrically, the album tells a story of Kalgon, a fungus that reawakens from the Devonian period by having spores that remain preserved in the exosphere after a comet carries it into orbit around Earth for hundreds of millions of years. The fungus then begins to colonize the minds of humans, controlling them to reformulate the atmosphere of Earth for warmer, more favorable conditions and more methane for the hivemind parasitic space fungus.

Kalgon is:

Brandon Davis: Guitar and Vocal
Berten Lee Tanner: Bass and Vocal
Marc Russo: Drums

Album Details

Recorded, Written, and Produced by Kalgon
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Boggs at Loc-Level Sound
Cover layout and AI rendering by Kalgon


Thanks to Desert Bloom PR for all of the details.