Sunday 4 February 2024

More Than Shadows - But If There Was A Plan (EP Review)

Release Date: 01st February 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

But If There Was A Plan - Tracklisting

1.But if there was a plan 05:58

2.Out from the void 03:12

3.Too many choices 06:45


Ryan Tocchini - guitars, keys, voices

Elijah Tocchini - drums and percussion

Shaun Notdurft - guitar

Joe Pettit Jr. - bass


But If There Was A Plan is the new EP from Post-Rock/Drone/Stoner Rock outfit More Than Shadows who bring an Alt Rock/Doomgaze sound to their new EP. The vocals delve into areas of Post-Punk with the music being quite gloomy despite the Stoner Rock tendencies that appear within the EP. The production values are what you expect with More Than Shadows having a claustrophobic and raw-sounding appeal to their music which you can instantly hear and fully appreciate on the EP’s standout title track.

Opening song But If There Was A Plan has a sludgy Doomgaze flow which allows the Drone/Stoner Rock textures to fully form and appear with an aggressive violent sound which has a lot of guitar reverb when the screeching guitars appear. 

Second song Out From The Void has a certain Sisters Of Mercy and Type O Negative energy to the track especially with the vocals and lyrics written for this track. The sludgy down-tuned fuzzy guitars are quite forceful especially within the heavier Psychedelic sounds appear. The song suddenly ends and fades out which is quite a shame. As things were starting to become very interesting indeed for the EP to fully deliver upon.

The final track Too Many Choices continues with the dark lyrical themes with a subtle Post-Doom/Grunge sound being played at a slow-to-mid pace. The Post-Punk element of the vocals have a certain storytelling element to them with the track also featuring some of the most impressive grooves on the EP.

More Than Shadows have delivered a strong collection of tracks with this excellent EP. The EP could have done with an extra song or two but overall, this is a great release to entice the Doom/Stoner Rock community with. I’m hoping there’s more cool sounding releases from More Than Shadows in the near future.

Words by Steve Howe 


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