Wednesday 7 February 2024

DISASTROID - Garden Creatures (Album Review)

Release Date: 23rd February 2024. Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Garden Creatures - Tracklisting

1.Garden Creatures 05:57

2.Stucco Nowhere 05:07

3.Figurative Object

4.Backwards Sleeping


6.Hold Me Wrong

7.Light 'Em Up

8.Jack Londonin'


Enver Koneya - Guitar/Vocals

Travis Williams - Bass

Braden McGaw - Drums


Sludge/Grunge/Stoner Metallers DISASTROID return from a four year absence with their new album Garden Creatures which sees the band return to the heavier grungier fueled grooves. DISASTROID took a more stripped back approach with 2020’s release Mortal Fools. This time round the band also add a more Punk Rock and Noise Rock burgeoning sound which delves into the areas of Progressive Sludge where you might find associated with heavy hitters such as Mastodon especially on the sublime opening title track.

DISASTROID combines classic Grunge aesthetics with the stripped back sound of Sludge Rock, Stoner Metal, Punk Rock and with some Noise Rock angst for good measure. The whole tone is superbly heavy and even quite deceiving with its catchy rhythm and hooks. Enver’s vocals are more effective than ever with him embracing a more Grunge based persona with a passionate diverse style within the heavy melodic tones the song brings.

Second track Stucco Nowhere sounds like a stripped back and way-out-there version of Soundgarden breaking through and soon merging into a Psychedelic Blues Rock outfit which shows another different side of music from DISASTROID. The sound does become quite gloomy and eerie when the Post-Doom or Post-Stoner elements appear. Though, DISASTROID works more when the Grunge/Sludge Rock aspect takes a more commanding presence with that superb bass-line from Travis which has a KILLER INSTINCT to it. Braden on Drums keeps the momentum going with his intelligent drum beats which aren’t too fast nor are they too slow. Just timed right to perfection.

Third track Figurative Object is the longest track on the album with DISASTROID playing one of the most emotionally charged and daring songs on the album or perhaps even their career. The vocals are quite emotionally damaged or drained with the music matching the gloomy solemn tones from Enver. The mood changes ever more slightly aggressive with an epic Post-Doom/Post-Sludge rhythm starting to emerge with flashes of Noise Rock, Punk and Stoner based energy for the song to build upto a heavy Psychedelic FUZZ creative vision. Perhaps the standout track of the album which shows another side to DISASTRIOD where they show a real sense of maturity within almost everything that appears on the track.

Fourth track Backwards Sleeping delivers a throwback to 90’s Post-Grunge/Alt-Rock riffs with that off-kilter Noise Rock/Punk Rock drive allowing the heavier musical elements to be played only when they need to. The song can be quite chaotic with the Punk Rock energy and warped Psychedelic glitchy sounds that the band play here. However, the song is damn catchy and superbly entertaining with DISASTROID adding gloomy Post-Stoner effects whilst perfectly capturing the classic 90’s Grunge/Stoner Rock scene with some funky lyrics/vocals to match.

The second half of the album finds the perfect balance of wicked Punk Rock lyrics spliced with Sludge/Noise/Stoner Rock inspired freaky Grungy jams with an epic PROGRESSIVE sound especially on tracks such as 24, Hold Me Wrong and Light ‘Em Up. DISASTROID feel right at home exploring the classic 90’s Rock Scene and then transporting themselves into the modern day Progessive Sludge/Stoner theatrics for an album that has a timeless quality to it all.

The production values are OFF THE CHART and are EPIC throughout which isn’t surprising since the legend that is Billy Anderson recorded and produced this album. With the legendary label Heavy Psych Sounds once again releasing the album, this allows Garden Creatures to be another essential release from DISASTROID and perhaps even be considered for Album Of The Year Contender nods and honours before the year is out.

Garden Creatures is a record you need to add to your record collection especially. End Of. Plain and Simple.

Words by Steve Howe 

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for the promo.

Garden Creature will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from February 23rd 2024.