Sunday 4 February 2024

Observers Release Cosmic New Single And Music Video "Into The Eye" From Upcoming New Album The Age Of The Machine Entities

Ahead of instrumental doom crew Observers' debut album 'Age of the Machine Entities", out March 4, the band presents new single "Into The Eye" and its accompanying music video. As beautiful as it is mysterious, the track is brought to life by Clint Lewis of Brisbane's Red Tape Pictures. Known for his striking and majestic videos for acts including The Church, Steve Kilbey, and Martin Kennedy's own All India Radio, Lewis creates a dramatic story reminiscent of astronaut Dave Paulson's time-warping journey in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Featuring otherworldly vistas, looming obelisks, hooded guitar shredding, and more, the video was premiered on Australia's own ABC and rage TV, bringing Kennedy's space doom opera to the masses. To quote rage TV, "Yoooo, the Nazg├╗l kinda shred?" Turns out they very much do, in space no less.

"A dark, epic trek through the cosmos... atmospheric, melodic, and full of menace and wonder"


Martin Kennedy of All India Radio fame brings us the cosmic doom epic "The Age of the Machine Entities", his new instrumental band Observers' debut album. Set to be released into the universe on March 4, 2024, "The Age of the Machine Entities" is a fusion of artistic brilliance that pays homage to the timeless mystery of "2001: A Space Odyssey.”

With decades of experience honing his craft in ambient rock outfit All India Radio, Kennedy pivots into the dark expanses of doom metal with Observers. His mastery of mood and atmosphere proves a natural fit, and across nine tracks the listener is treated to an instrumental reimagining of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clark's sci-fi epic.

"The Age of the Machine Entities" is exactly what it sets out to be - a dark, epic trek through the cosmos, conveyed through Kennedy's molding of doom metal into a sound that's atmospheric, melodic, and full of menace and wonder. But be warned, and prepare yourself for Observers to come aboard. Because without your space helmet, Dave? You're going to find that rather difficult.


"‘Into The Eye’ is the latest single from Observers' upcoming new album 'The Age of the Machine Entities'. The song title is named after a chapter in Arthur C Clarke's novelisation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, where Astronaut Dave Bowman looks into the eye aka the stargate and utters the iconic line 'my god, it's full of stars.'

The album itself is entirely instrumental and takes us on a cosmic journey through melodic metal, atmospheric riffs and psychedelic ambient sequences with echoes of Gojira, Black Sabbath and Tangerine Dream and the early 70’s work of Pink Floyd."


Observers - The Age of the Machine Entities

Out March 4, 2024 (Digital, CD, Vinyl)
Hobart, Australia
FFO: Bongripper, Clouds Taste Satanic, Pink Floyd

Observers is:

Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) - Guitars and soundscapes
Rich Gray (Annihilator) - Bass
Chris Bohm - Drums

Guest solos by Joe Haley (Psycroptic), Jake Weber, Ido Romano,  Joao Corceiro, and Breno Machado

Mixed by Joe Haley
Cover art by Ryan T Hancock


1. Into The Eye (2:59)
2. Frank Poole's Dream (2:30)
3. Frozen Lattices of Light (3:27)
4. Strange and Beautiful (3:33)
5. Pod Bay Doors (2:01)
6. Moon Doom (3:24)
7. Metaphor II (11:38)
8. The Star Child (3:03)
9. The Narrow Way Part II (2:57)


Thanks to Good Boy PR for all of the details.