Tuesday 20 February 2024

Robots Of The Ancient World - 3737 (Album Review)

Release Date: 17th November 2023. Record Label: Small Stone Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

3737 - Tracklisting

1.Hindu Kush 04:49 

2.Creature 06:14

3.Holy Ghost 06:06

4.Moustache 07:13

5.Apollo 02:26

6.Silver Cloud 10:48


Caleb Weidenbach: vocals

Nico Schmutz: guitar

Justin Laubscher: guitar

Trevor Berecek: bass

Harry Silvers: drums


3737 is the new album from Psych Stoner Rockers Robots Of The Ancient World which sees the band team up with legendary engineer Billy Anderson for an album that’s more rock and roll orientated compared to their previous albums. This album also has a more sense of high voltage fun against their trademark Psychedelic and Groove laden sound. Comparisons to Monster Magnet are always inevitable with the ferocious sounds of the opening track Hindu Kush that would make the legendary rockers themselves blush with envy. 

Hindu Kush has a Punk Rock spirit with a dominant Heavy Rock/Metal edge with Caleb’s vocals being quite direct. The song has a Grunge/Fuzz Rock attitude within the heavier moments of the track which allows Robots Of The Ancient World to play some wicked sounding classic hard rock guitar solos which is straight from the 1980’s with epic showmanship from everyone concerned. 

Second song Creature opens slowly with a mellow sludgy guitar before moving into a Doom/Fuzz environment. Caleb’s vocals once again keep with the song moving forward with the pulsating Heavy Psychedelic sounds being more aggressive. The little flashes of Spaced Out Stoner Rock is quite straightforward but the song allows the band to play some heavy muscular instrumental jams that become more substantial before the song ends.

Third song Holy Ghost has a more vintage quality to the song which is very reminiscent of the 1990’s Stoner Rock/Metal scene with moments of Heavy Psychedelic grooves and WEEDIAN haze that also sees Robots Of The Ancient World offer a subtle classic Fuzz Rock attitude that is quite aggressive when the mood calls for it.

The band show moments of more Prog Rock melodies and certain classic rock structures within the excellent fourth track Moustache. The song does have moments of Post-Rock qualities with the gloomy atmospherics starting to merge into heavier Desert/Fuzz Rock movements. This is perhaps the one of the standout tracks with the band becoming more focused on delivering a wicked style of Post-Stoner energy. The instrumental work is superb with the heavy FUZZ guitars moving into areas of Heavy Psych and Classic Hard Rock which becomes more effective within the heavier moments of the track.

Fifth track Apollo is a cool instrumental track with a solitary guitar and flashes of soundbytes lurking in the background.

The final track Silver Cloud is a ten minute plus track which sees Robots Of The Ancient World explore the whole creative sphere of the Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Metal sound they delivered with thr previous tracks with a more central Progressive theme. Everyone gets a chance to shine on this track with excellent lyrics combining for a classic style of Heavy Psychedelic grooves which closes 3737 on a mighty high.

3737 is perhaps Robot Of The Ancient World’s most impressive and superbly entertaining record to date. With first rate production values, 3737 delivers on all fronts and still leaves you wanting to hear more. This is a stunning album which shows what Robots Of The Ancient World are truly capable of.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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