Tuesday 27 February 2024

Italian Psych Rockers FRANK NEVER DIES Unveil "Red Moon Rising" Full Album Details

Italian Psych Rockers FRANK NEVER DIES have officially unveiled the comprehensive album particulars for their highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Red Moon Rising,' slated to debut via Argonauta Records on March 29, 2024.

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:

1. Peep Show
2. Red Moon Rising
3. Audrey
4. One of these Nights
5. Living Spell
6. The Fortune Teller
7. Know my Name

Previously, the band released an outstanding official music video for "Red Moon Rising": 

Compared to their debut LP (Behind the Paradox, Blood Rock Records), the sound created by the band is now less melodic and presents more free structures that recall 70' psychedelia. Inspirations from jazz, trip-hop, funk, and grunge merge with it.

The result of this eclectism creates a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere, following the main themes of the LP, related to the red moon as worshipped or feared symbol: before it, the humanity reveals its most irrational aspect, between madness and adoration.

The first LP was completely instrumental, in Red Moon Rising instead Mirko Giuseppone and Simona Ferrucci sing in some tracks.

The drum's sound of Luca Zannini is direct, sometimes aggressive, tribal and lead role all the time.

Mirko's guitar, compared to the first LP, has a rough and vivid sound, frequently played through wah-wah pedal. The inspiration is between rock & blues and grunge.

The vintage's sound of Simona's synths contributes to the creation of a '70 touch. The bass frequently becomes the third melodic line in the tracks, with unconventional rhythm patterns and effects.

The composition of Red Moon Rising started in 2020. After three years, the drum and voice recording, mixing and mastering were made by Fabio Ferri (renowned sound engineer and former drummer of Il Balletto di Bronzo), in his studio in Roma Millenium Audio Recording.

Guitars, bass and synths were recorded in Rome at Blue Bird Studio of Simona Ferrucci and Mirko Giuseppone.

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