Tuesday 20 February 2024

Heavy Psych Stoner Rockers JUKE COVE Release New Song/Video For WAIT From Upcoming New Album

Juke Cove, a heavy psychedelic rock trio from Leipzig, Germany, drops an electrifying new single "Wait", offering the first impression of their upcoming album. 

"Wait" is a musical kaleidoscope, blending stoner, desert, and psychedelic rock. The song's narrative explores themes of stagnation and change, unfolding through mellow verses, a psychedelic transition, and fuzzed-out, melodic riffs that capture the emotional turbulence within. 

Watch here or below:

Wait was inspired by the feeling of getting stuck in monotony, like being in a time loop. It’s how many of us might have felt during COVID times with all the stuff shut down but it’s also inspired by personal experiences of being stuck in a job (or relationship, place etc.) one doesn’t like or feel is right. So, often the initial feeling is to kinda accept the situation and wait. But then the frustration grows…” - says the band.

Juke Cove's unique fusion of psych rock, doom, stoner, grunge, prog rock, and punk has made them a standout in the heavy underground scene since their 2019 debut. Their 2021 album “Remedy” was released in collaboration with Interstellar Smoke Records. Since then, Juke Cove have played multiple shows in Germany and Poland, opening for King Buffalo, Weedpecker, Rotor, Valley of the Sun, Mars Red Sky, and Dopelord among others. Their new album will be released later in 2024 on Interstellar Smoke Records. 

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Thanks to Juke Cove for all of the information.