Thursday 8 February 2024

Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Stoner Rockers MASHEENA Release New Song/Video For MARRIED TO ROCK 'N' ROLL

The Lowdown

In December 2023, amidst the biting cold of a Norwegian winter storm and fueled by excitement from the release of 'West Coast Hard Rock', we brushed off the snow and stepped into the studio. Our companion in this adventure was the wizard, The Sun King, Iver Sand√ły, who had previously infused magic into our debut album.

This time, we brought a tune still in development, having tested it only once live. Iver, without any preconceived notions of its final direction, plunged us headfirst into the flamboyant world of 70's Glam Rock, drawing inspiration from the iconic T. Rex. We found ourselves pondering: What would Visconti do in our place?

Amidst clapping sessions, spontaneous backing vocals, and masterful triangle playing, we penned the lyrics as the song evolved. More than 50 years after the golden age of glitter, each note was a tribute to the era's daring spirit. Even the cover, made by our good friend, renowned tattoo artist and lead singer for Audrey Horne, Toshie, captures the spirit of the era.

Whether this venture was a stroke of genius or a wild escapade, the verdict is yours to decide. But one thing is certain - we were in our element, revelling in the creative chaos and sheer joy of the session. It was an exhilarating journey through time, a tribute to the past with a modern twist, promising to bring a reluctant smile to your face!

So, where to next for Masheena? We’ll be continuing our mission of making great songs and honoring the rich heritage of hard rock music, at The Machine Shop Recording Studio in Austin, Texas with our good friend Machine in 2024! Will it sound like flannel, bell bottoms, lipstick or dusty boots? Only time will tell!

You can watch the video for Married To Rock 'N' Roll below.

Thanks to Majestic Mountain Records and MASHEENA for all of the details.