Tuesday 6 February 2024

Transit Method - Othervoid (Album Review)

Release Date: 02nd February 2024. Record Label: Brutal Panda Records. Formats: CD/DD/Cassette/Vinyl

Othervoid - Tracklisting

1.Into Your Mind 03:45

2.Nightmare Machines 05:06

3.Psychometry 04:25

4.Another Wasted Life 04:48

5.The Outside 04:15

6.Savage Creatures 04:26

7.Frostbite 08:50


Matt LoCoco - Vocals/Guitar

Mike LoCoco - Drums

Bryan Rolli -  Guitar/Vocals

Charlie Anderson - Bass


Othervoid is the new album from Prog/Sludge/Grunge/Alt-Metallers Transit Method which is their third overall. This is my first experience with the band and I was instantly sold and taken away with their blend of Sludge, Prog, Grunge, Alt-Metal, Hard Rock and addictive Psychedelic Stoner grooves. Transit Method takes familiar creative themes from bands such as Thin Lizzy, Mutoid Man, Mastodon and some Iron Maiden for good measure.

Othervoid has a subtle Progressive Rock/Metal energy that even adds a level of Doom-Pop soothing melodies which works amazingly well with the aggressive fast-paced grooves that power the whole album. The record never becomes tired or stale with the multiple different levels of music genres and sounds but actually amplifies the instrumental parts into epic Spaced Out moments which you can appreciate from the excellent album cover.

The opening songs of Into Your Mind, Nightmare Machines and Psychometry rely upon Science Fiction heavily inspired lyrics but Transit Method apply a surreal and highly rewarding blend of CLASSIC HEAVY METAL grizzled atmospherics that can be quite Punk and Art Rock inspired when the time calls for this. Flashes of trippy Psychedelic and Jazzed Up energy change into darker areas of music starting to appear on tracks such as:Another Wasted Life, Savage Creatures and the deeply fantastic final track Frostbite which even Mastodon would be proud to have in their musical arsenal.

The vocals are more Alt Rock/Metal based with small instances of mainstream delivery but this works to the albums advantage. Othervoid has a warm engaging presence even when the album changes into something more primal and complex which allows Transit Method to play the heaviest parts of the album. 

The vocals handled primarily by lead vocalist/guitarist Matt LoCoco and with Bryan Rolli (Guitars) providing back-up vocals are impressive throughout. Both Matt and Bryan have a great interplay and connectivity to each other. Drummer Mike LoCoco and Bassist Charlie Anderson (live Panopticon violinist) provide a first rate rhythm section for Matt and Bryan to build their destructive grooves upon. 

Othervoid is quite comparable to Mutoid Man’s most recent full length album MUTANTS and if you dig that great album then this will impress you as well. This record is perhaps more Psychedelic, Upbeat and Progressive but still standing on it’s own creative merits especially on the later stages of the album where Transit Method unleash a torrent of first rate Progressive grooves on the final two songs alone.

Othervoid was an unexpected delight for me and has made me a fan of Transit Method. I need to revisit their previous two albums but if you’re already a long time fan of the band then be prepared for one hell of a SONIC BASED experience which is packed full of outstanding riffs from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe 

You can buy Othervoid now on CD/DD/Vinyl/Cassette from Brutal Panda Records.


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