Tuesday 27 February 2024

Fuzz/Alternative/Stoner Rockers WASTE A SAINT Release New Song/Video For C.M.T.L From Upcoming New Album RAVENOUS

Waste a Saint is a Norwegian band from Trondheim that plays melodic stoner rock with psychedelic touches and their sound has been compared to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather and Spiders, alternative rock from the nineties and fuzzed bands from the late sixties.
After the release of their debut album "Hypercarnivore" (All Good Clean Records - 2022), they've toured all over Norway and played in cities like Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

In June 2023, Waste a Saint entered the Sørgården studio to record their second album “Ravenous” with Per Borten from Spidergawd sitting behind the recording console. “Ravenous” essentially picks up their debut “Hypercarnivore” left off, presenting the characteristic sound Waste a Saint has created over the years and showcases their ability to meld genres. With a foundation of melodic stoner rock, singable choruses and catchy guitar riffs, the band incorporates elements from metal, blues and kraut rock throughout the album’s eight tracks.


Bogey Stefansdottir - Vocals
Alexander Skomakerstuen - Guitars
Ole Nogva - Bass
Øivind Fossem - Drums

We're excited to premiere the new song C.M.T.L from their upcoming new album Ravenous due out on Friday March 1st 2024 on All Good Clean Records.

The band say this about the track: "The song is by far the most aggressive on the album, but it's also one of the songs we had the most fun creating. The lyrics are from the pov of someone who was cheated on; when the cheater regrets what they've done and comes begging for forgiveness. To make the theme really stand out, we wanted to have someone to add scream vocals and we were lucky enough to get the awesome Sondre Sørensen Brønstad from Agabas to do just that. Despite its aggressiveness, the song has a playfulness to it that reflects the satisfaction of standing your ground, making it a band favourite."

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