Sunday 25 February 2024

Rising US Doom Rockers ELK WITCH Join Forces with MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS for New Album

Hailing from the mountainous surrounds of Southern Oregon, Elk Witch is a heavy rock trio founded in 2019 by guitarist/vocalist Deven Andersen, bassist Darren Wostenberg, and drummer Joe Coitus.

When combined, the effect of that classic psych rock and progressive doom sound on their style has led critics to compare them to legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, The Sword, and The Obsessed. Leaning on riff-driven rock and raw energy to propel them forward on a sonic exploration, the band's ability to seamlessly blend modern musical elements into 70s and 90s metal make them a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

In 2020, Elk Witch unveiled their debut EP, The Mountain, which ultimately laid the foundations for their signature sound. Catching the attention of StoneFly Records in 2021 the release of their debut album a year later (Beyond the Mountain, 2022) solidified their presence on the stoner rock landscape and showcased the band's evolution and commitment to pushing boundaries. Their inevitable ascent was highlighted by impressive rankings on the Doom Charts which heralded their arrival as a rising force to be reckoned with.

Now in a partnership with Majestic Mountain Records, Elk Witch is poised to release their second full-length this April and are leading the charge with the album’s new single and title track, ‘Azimuth’.

“To me, ‘Azimuth’ holds a feeling and vibe we were really going for on the album,” explains Deven Andersen. “The lyrics draw inspiration from a personal experience, a trip to the high desert in Eastern Oregon, a land of isolation with sparse population. It has an amazing blend of desert landscape with high peaked snow-covered mountains. I was thinking this is the place I would go if something happened to civilization.”

A natural progression from their debut, Azimuth, takes the core ingredients of that Elk Witch sound to a more refined and diverse plane. Delving into broader subject matters that extend beyond the earthly realms, it explores both the past and future of existence, while it’s sound – perfectly captured on wax by those hardworking wizards at Majestic Mountain Records – operates at a higher sonic level and clarity with near-flawless production.

“It’s a surreal feeling to be able to call Majestic Mountain Records home. It was on our minds from the get-go making our second record. There's an undeniable vibe about MMR that resonates with us, and we felt a natural connection with them, especially given that Sweden is such a major force in the heavier and slower side of metal. We're genuinely psyched about what it represents in the heavy underground scene.”

Azimuth will be released on 19th April via Majestic Mountain Records on heavy weight 180g colour-in-colour vinyl (marbled red and smoky grey) with gatefold spine, and can be pre-ordered HERE

Watch the stunning video for the title track AZIMUTH from the upcoming album of the same name.

Elk Witch:

Deven Andersen – Guitar, Vocals
Darren Wostenberg – Bass
Joe Coitus – Drums


1. Dead Silence 
2. Azimuth 
3. Liminal Space 
4. Empyrean
5. Vortex
6. Universe 25
7. Space Drift
8. Ghosts of the Lupatia
9. Goddess of Winter

Artist: Elk Witch
Album: Azimuth
Record Label: Majestic Mountain Records
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital
Release Date: 19/04/2024
Produced by Elk Witch 
Engineered & Mixed by Deven Andersen
Recorded & Mixed at Vortex Studios at Central Point, Oregon 
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, New Windsor, New York
Album Cover by Adam Burke @nightjarillustration 
Gatefold Images by @Nibera and @Jadoarts 
Gatefold Layout & Graphics by Deven Andersen

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Thanks to Sheltered Life PR and Majestic Mountain Records for the info.