Wednesday 21 February 2024

Doom/Sludge Metallers Ash Eater Release New Single. Now Experience The Psychotic Doom Of RITUAL

Boardsliding their way out of the murky depths of the Portland heavy scene, Ash Eater arrive on their wheeled steeds with crushed beer in one hand and a flaming guitar promising nothing but sweet riffs in the other.

The trio of skaters, fronted by the bassist for fellow PDX acts LáGoon and Oopsy Dazey, deal in a ferocious mix of doom metal, thrash, and grubby psychedelia that congeals into a riotous sound as fit for a skate session as it is for a smoke-fogged mosh. .

Steel your mind and light your torches, Ash Eater's new single "Ritual" aims to drag you into the darkest dungeons of doom and psychedelia. Slowing the pace from their thrashier tendencies, the crew lay down a Sabbathian crawl of rolling riffs and nod, guitar squealing and bass throbbing under Kenny Coombs' crazed vocal delivery.

Madness lurks just around the corner, however, as the plot gets turned on its head and the band careens into a manic downward spiral of frenzied noise. An epic guitar solo swirls and contorts over the thundering gallop of drums and bass, a firey soundtrack to the depths of some drug-fueled psychosis. By the end the listener can rest uneasy knowing they've been complicit in a sonic ceremony of the illest intent.

The band state about RITUAL:

"A sonic journey of a slow descent into madness. As the terror of encroaching darkness becomes too much to withstand and pure chaos takes hold what is left of one fully given over to evil?

Using shifts in tempo to emulate a frantic mind torn between their actions and the results unfolding before them, ultimately culminating in a frantic and hectic sprint through insanity. Ritual attempts to give listeners the same uneasy feeling they might get after a handful of mushrooms around a campfire when the shadows seem to creep in a little too close."


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