Saturday 7 October 2023

Burning Sister - Get Your Head Right (EP Review)

Release Date: October 06th 2023. Record Label: Lay Bare Recordings and King Of The Monsters. Formats: Cassette/CD/DD/Vinyl

Wound - Tracklisting

1.Fadeout 06:08

2.Barbiturate Lizard 06:19

3.Get Your Head Right 04:50

4.Looking Through Me 07:57

5.When Tomorrow Hits 04:30


Steve - bass/synth/vox

Nathan - guitars

Alison - drums


Downer Rock Power Trio Burning Sister return with their new EP Get Your Head Right and this has a more freakish Garage Rock sound compared to their acclaimed 2022 debut album Mile High Downer Rock. The EP still conveys their deliciously heavy and fuzzed up sound from that album with Burning Sister on a more Post-Punk offensive with subtle shades of Heavy Psych Stoner Rock which the band are becoming increasingly better at.

With a more subtle style of delivering Fuzzed Up Grooves appearing on the opening track Fadeout with Steve’s brilliantly deceptive vocals buried under some thick heavy WEEDIAN and Psychedelic grooves that build up to moments of Stoner based FREAKOUT levels of Amplifier Distortion.

Second track Barbiturate Lizard is a more cautious Doomed Out affair with slow-paced Guitar Reverb and Fuzzy Feedback with a trippy surreal sound once again showing a different style from Burning Sister. The mood is quite sludge-fuelled that builds into a more steady confident rhythm with a gloomy Blues Rock score. The track builds up to more heavier areas of Doom/Stoner Rock with an Occult Rock vibe that throws the band into a more seedier and seductive sound especially with the instrumental sounds and extended jams appearing on this song alone.

Third song Get Your Head Right is more a straight up Stoner Rock sound that feels influenced by NEBULA at the early stages of the track. Burning Sister put their warped psychedelic creative talents into overdrive on this track with heavy amounts of FUZZY aggression and wicked Classic Hard Rock moments appearing when the time calls for it. Steve’s vocals have that playful, rebellious and gloomy quality to them with Nathan and Alison laying impressing even further on guitars and drums respectively. There’s some sonic interplay on this track with a constant Drone presence which gives Burning Sister a more demonic quality to the EP.

Fourth song Looking Through Me is where Burning Sister fully bring their “Downer Rock” persona to the party with a track that could have easily been lifted from their debut album with a more Garage Rock persona being injected into the mix. The song is easily the standout track of the EP with the most interesting sounds and twisted jams laid down for this track. Burning Sister play a deliberate slow-to-mid pace for this track but this allows the band time to play a more progressive style of music where they add different sonic effects and fuzzy effects for a bewitching and warped style of Doom/Stoner Metal.

The final track is a cover of Mudhoney classic When Tomorrow Hits. I will admit I’m not the biggest Mudhoney fan and this track in general. However, I have to say Burning Sister deliver a track that stays true to the original’s creative vision whilst allowing the band to do their own thing as well. A classic track is given the “Downer Rock” makeover with inspired results.

Get Your Head Right is another wickedly entertaining EP that offers almost thirty minutes of first rate entertainment. Whilst it may not reach the dazzling and electrifying heights of their acclaimed debut album, Burning Sister have still delivered another first rate release to make themselves more known within the underground scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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