Monday 9 October 2023

BIsmut - Ausdauer (Album Review)

Release Date: October 20th 2023. Record Label: Lay Bare Recordings and Spinda Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Ausdauer - Tracklisting

1. Mendalir

2. 不安 (Fuan)

3. Despotisme

4. Mašta

5. Euphoria


Nik Linders - guitar

Huibert der Weduwen - bass guitar

Peter Dragt - drums


Dutch trio Bismut from Nijmegen has been around since 2016 but they are a brand new acquaintance to me as they unveil their third full-length 'Ausdauer'. Personally, instrumental music, when done with some thought and purpose, is very rewarding in so many ways. Simply being an instrumental band however does not mean you're great but that's definitely not a concern for Bismut. Nik, Huibert and Peter are not only brilliant musicians and song creators, they also know how to make their music speak without words. And that's something which requires talent.

After a lurking beginning, opener 'Mendalir' gradually moves faster and heavier only to revert to a more mellow setting for Nik's wonderful solos. Midway through they unleash a faster pace taking the song to eruption leaving you in a reborn state of mind. '不安 (Fuan)' has a sinister anxiety fuelled undertone while moving in a dreamlike state. Starts in mid-tempo but builds up gradually. The latter part brings in fusion-like elements manifesting the sinister feel. 'Despotisme' is the rocker on 'Ausdauer' although everything is relative. However, when Bismut throws off the shackles they tear it up. In between, 'Despotisme' is trippy and suggestive in the best possible way.

'Mašta' is a trip of the mind as Bismut really perform for the senses. Just close your eyes and let the band work their magic on you. This composition, like the entire album, allows your imagination to run free and that's the beauty of instrumental music. The last song is 'Euphoria' and it is more upbeat and elated as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Slows down very nicely in the middle before the band cranks it up in that wonderful way they do it.

I love it when albums come my way by bands I've never heard of yet they have been around for a while. Personally the joy to discover there's still greatness within music is bar to none. Not only does it restore my faith in an oversaturated world of music but I also get to backtrack these bands, of which Bismut definitely is one! Whatever your taste in music is, check out these Dutch giants, you won't regret it because Bismut's music crosses borders, in fact they erase borders and are omnipresent. Brilliant stuff!

Words by Hâkan Nyman

Ausdauer will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Lay Bare Recordings and Spinda Records from October 20th 2023.


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