Saturday 21 October 2023

White Tundra - White Tundra (Album Review)

Release Date: October 27th 2023. Record Label: All Good Clean Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

White Tundra - White Tundra - Tracklisting

1.Erwachen... 03:43

2....of the Earth

3.Find You


5.Space Wars

6.Third Floor

7.Fra Askeskog



Steven Kresin: Vocals and guitar

Christoffer Kjørsvik: Lead guitar (and bass guitar on the album)

Ola Fuglevaag: Drums


White Tundra's self-titled debut album is one built on many levels of Psychedelic areas of Doom, Stoner Metal and Fuzz Rock with an air of cosmic heavy rock which fans of Orange Goblin, Clutch, Monster Magnet and Truckfighters will truly appreciate. The record even conveys a killer sideline in classic Heavy Metal riff wizardry with a solid foundation of Blues Rock that is perfectly captured within the stunning opening track of “Erwachen…”. 

The opening track is light on vocals with White Tundra relying on simple “WOAH” chants at different stages. Simple but brilliantly effective which allows the instrumental sounds to have a more effective and aggressive feel.

Second track ...Of The Earth is perhaps where White Tundra make their real entrance to the Doom/Stoner Metal World with a song that is bursting with catchy Fuzz Rock attitude that transforms into a style of Apocalyptic Doom Metal. White Tundra feels more focused on delivering a more gloomier creative narrative to the album with swirling Psychedelics that feel inspired by early-era Monster Magnet. Though, it’s the killer vocals of Steven Kresin that brings an air of destructive energy to the album. With the addition bonus of flashy epic guitar solos then White Tundra lay down one of the standout tracks on the album.

Third track Find You is a straight up Stoner Metal banger with White Tundra adding layers of cosmic attitude with the classic Fuzz Rock sound allowing the band to explore other areas of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The song is more effective when Steven’s vocals become more grizzled and aggressive during different stages of the track. Once again White Tundra play many exciting moments of extended instrumental grooves that float between Psych Rock and Prog Rock for a song that excels on many levels especially in the LOUD & HEAVY department.

Fourth song Addicted follows the similar sounds of Find You but delivered with a less-is-more Punk Rock approach. The vocals are grizzled and maybe suited to the Heavy Metal arena but White Tundra once again deliver the Fuzz/Stoner Rock goods with a song that has a melodic tone despite the aggressive sludgy manic energy occasionally moving into.

Fifth song Space Wars is where White Tundra perhaps venture into the heaviest COSMIC sounding track on the whole album. Waves of Psychedelic sounds merge into Sludge Rock with the band taking their time to bring the heavy progressive themes to the record that have a slight Mastodon vibe to them. This is another standout track on the record with White Tundra delivering a song with real “world building” quality behind the first-rate lyrics the band have written for this track.

The final three songs of the album Third Floor, Fra Askeskog and Byting sees White Tundra take more creative risks with their music especially with Byting by singing in their own language. This creative choice adds a more nuanced feeling to the album with the instrumental sounds being fuzzy as hell with a menacing aggressive feeling leaving the album to finish on an exciting and dramatic conclusion.

White Tundra’s debut album is a captivating and riff-fuelled adventure with punishing grooves throughout that will satisfy even the most jaded and disillusioned Heavy Rock fan out there.

Words by Steve Howe

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White Tundra’s self-titled debut album will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via All Good Clean Records from October 27th 2023.


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