Wednesday 4 October 2023

Vinyl Pre-Orders Going Live On Friday October 06th for Space Rock/Stoner Rockers VOLUME Album REQUESTING PERMISSION TO LAND

Pre-orders for Requesting Permission to Land by Space Rock/Stoner Rockers VOLUME starts Friday October 6th. This record will twist your mind and make you move to the psycho groove. Heavy, Fuzzy, and full of energy. 

Check out what people have said: 

“This is not traditional rock but if you like the experimental sounds of psyche that revved up a generation then this is a heavyweight entry in every sense of the word.” - Ramzine 

“VOLUME kick up one hell of a racket…” - Shindig 

“If these Stoners don’t beat down your F**king door to come and get this, then I F**king give up…” Sargent Signals - DJ at WRUW-FM 

“This is self-indulgent, uncompromising rock and roll, fully capturing and exploiting the moment, and it is magnificent". - 

HABIT "sounds like a lost MC5 track. The track is packed with the same energy and delivery that Monster Magnet has been struggling to regain since signing over to a major label". - Bully Magazine

 “'Requesting Permission To Land' has some very cool moments and is extremely timeless” - Metal Temple 

This record will be available worldwide through:

We will have a few limited copies as well on our Bandcamp page

Don't sit on this one - get your orders in