Tuesday 17 October 2023

Presidente Judas - Presidente Judas (Album Review)

Release Date: October 06th 2023. Record Label: Electric Funeral Records. Formats: DD

Presidente Judas - Tracklisting

1.Velho Jack 06:45

2.Evil Woman 03:32

3.Labirinto da Morte 03:27

4.No Name 05:47

5.Bruxas 03:55

6.Paranoxx 05:26


Sara - vocal

Nathália - vocal

Ygor - guitar

Felipe - bass

Rodrigo - drums


Doom/Stoner Metallers Presidente Judas debut self-titled release is an album that uses religion, society and mysticism for its main creative themes. The name Presidente Judas itself refers to a medieval torture object which consists of a chair full of thorns. So the album is aiming for the more gloomier style of Doomed Out Stoner Metal which they fully succeed at especially with the subtle LOW & SLOW melodic grooves that carries the album to its mighty conclusion.

The epic dual vocals of Sara and Nathália compliment each other superbly well with three songs sung in Portuguese and three sung in English which is quite a novel approach to take for the album. There’s a Hardcore Punk energy to Presidente Judas sound with elements of music influenced by bands such as The Obsessed, Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus and Windhand with the band even playing some top-notch Proto Metallic grooves.

Presidente Judas don’t offer an easy ride with their debut album as they touch upon a number of hard-hitting subjects. However, the music is perhaps the true salvation of the album which sees the band explore the last fifty years of Heavy Metal and Doom Metal in general with even a fresh perspective on the more modern day sounds that fully come into focus throughout the album with songs such as Evil Woman, No Name and Bruxas impressing me the most. 

The production values are quite raw-sounding and downright aggressive which allows Presidente Judas music to fully shine through which is perhaps down to the clever use of Hardcore Punk aesthetics the band use wisely on the heavier parts of the album.

Overall, Presidente Judas have created a dynamically powerful debut album that is built on superbly powerful vocals and wicked sounding grooves that pulls no punches but still leaving you wanting to hear more from this hugely talented band in the near future.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Bruxa Verde Produções for the promo.


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