Tuesday 24 October 2023

NEBULA - Livewired In Europe (Album Review)

Release Date: October 27th 2023. Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl.

Livewired In Europe - Tracklisting

Man's Best Friend

Down The Highway

Out Of Your Head



Full THrottle



Let It Burn

Transmission From MOthership Earth (Bonus Track)

Let's Get Lost

Warzone Speedwulf


Legendary Psych Stoner Rockers Nebula had to contend with the untimely death of their longtime bandmate Tom Davies earlier this year whilst preparing for their current European Tour which has been going down a storm with fans who've attended every gig. The band are about to release their new live album Livewired In Europe which captured the band on their Transmission From Mothership Earth European Tour 2023. This album features the band in action on that tour with Nebula on fine crazed form playing a selection of their greatest hits.

Livewired In Europe is a raw and honest sounding account of how Nebula sounded on tour with a rebellious attitude that has served the band well over the last twenty six years though the band were inactive for seven of those years. The album has a certain Garage Rock sound with the production values being quite DIY based and shows you all the warped sounds that Nebula play on this album. The band are on FIRE on this release playing a selection of classic tracks aloggside tracks from their recent albums such as Holy Shit and Transmission From Mothership Earth. 

Nebula have always had a more outlandish sound compared to their contemporaries of the scene. This allows Nebula to be one of the most adventurous bands within the scene that allows this album to have the same sort of vibe of Classic Live Albums that were released in the 1970's. The album maybe made up by multiple performances but that doesn't stop Livewired In Europe to be one of the most freakiest live albums I've heard in some time with Nebula showcasing their legendary Psychedelic Stoner Rock sound with many moments o

f distorted and screeched grooves to an ever appreciative audience.

Livewired In Europe is a must have release for not only fans of Nebula but for fans of Psychedelic Stoner Rock as this sees Nebula at the peak of their creative powers for a KICK-ASS action packed release. This is a CLASSIC LIVE ALBUM through and through. End Of Discussion and acts as a fitting tribute to Tom Davies. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for the promo.he

Livewired In Europe is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from October 27th 2023.


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