Tuesday 10 October 2023

Exclusive Song & Video Premiere For Instrumental Post-Rock Duo IN THE PONDS New Song - "Playing with Matches”

On the heels of their second EP Fever Canyon, San Jose-based instrumental post-rock duo IN THE PONDS will release their third EP, The Last Stop Ranch this coming November.

As The Last Stop Ranch release date draws near, the band presents a video for the track “Playing with Matches.”

IN THE PONDS is a poet and a filmmaker getting married and starting an instrumental post-rock duo during pandemic lockdowns and California wildfires. It’s a honeymoon spent in quarantine, staring at soot-filled skies wondering how to capture feelings of isolation, dread, and love without using words. 

Their music pays homage to classic rock while experimenting with atmospheric textures for a sound that’s both familiar and otherworldly.

The Last Stop Ranch works with a classic rock tone palette—sizzly SG humbuckers and wobbly delays,to name a few primary colors. For the band, discovering the tracks was like stumbling across the mouth of a cave; something about it makes you get quiet and crane your neck towards the dark. This is the music they imagine you’d hear from an abandoned mine shaft or a dried-up well if you lowered yourself down and listened to what the walls had to say.

The Last Stop Ranch was recorded by guitarist David Perez and mixed by Art Bertik. The front cover artwork was created by bassist Jennifer Gigantino.

We're happy to be premiering the new video Playing With Matches and proves once again why In The Ponds are one of my favourite upcoming Post-Rock bands at the moment.

In The Ponds say this about the song and video

"Playing with Matches—both as a song and a video concept—came to us at the height of the 2020 California wildfires. Like so many people, we were huddled indoors, staring out at gray-orange skies. Even with all the doors and windows closed, the air smelled like soot and there was this ominous haze blanketing everything. This coincided with Covid and shelter-in-place. You knew eventually the fires and the lockdowns would end, but you didn’t know what the world would look like when they did. It started to feel like nature was cleaning house to make room for something else. The perfect environment for songwriting really—because you don't have to think about what the riff should sound like. You just play until you hear something that sounds like the experience you’re living."

Thanks to Desert Bloom PR For all of the details.