Saturday 28 October 2023

MASSIVE HASSLE - Number One (Album Review)

Release Date: October 27th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl.

Number One - Tracklisting

1.Lane 05:32

2.Twos 04:13

3.Drifter 04:16

4.Kneel 03:47

5.Knife 05:43

6.House 03:36

7.Drink 02:46

8.Fibber 07:11


Bill Fisher

Marty Fisher


Number One is the debut album from Psych/Stoner/Blues Rockers MASSIVE HASSLE which is fronted by the hugely talented Fisher brothers - Bill and Marty. The guys are perhaps better known for being part of MAMMOTHWING, Dystopian Future Movies and the mighty Church Of The Cosmic Skull. So their talent and creative vision should never be questioned and MASSIVE HASSLE is perhaps my favourite project of theirs yet.

MASSIVE HASSLE combine Classic Blues Rock with solitary Jazz Rock overtones which moves into a thrilling style of aggressive Psych Stoner Rock where the screechy guitars embrace the mythos of the Californian Desert/Stoner Rock scene with the gloomy UK Kitchen-Sink style Indie Rock blues within the creative fabrics of the whole album.

MASSIVE HASSLE have a dramatic flair within the storytelling aspect of the majority of the songs starting rather restrained with it’s solid Blues Rock foundations but MASSIVE HASSLE kick up a gear when a LOUD WALL of Fuzz Drenched based Stoner Rock grooves kick down the doors and lead the listener into a heavier PSYCHEDELIC world. Opening tracks Lane and Twos expertly lay down the foundations on what is to follow with Billy and Marty providing sublime emotionally charged vocals and intense instrumental sounds that have moments of flashy Progressive jams whilst retaining an air of Classic Hard Rock authority. 

Bill and Marty have used this way of delivering music before with their other musical projects but MASSIVE HASSLE has a great sound of its own especially when the heavier distorted grooves fully take the lead with moments of Sonic and Psychedelic interplay appearing on various stages of the album.

The remaining tracks of the album continue the same creative journey as the opening two songs with melancholic lyrics offering a bittersweet and emotionally charged experience with MASSIVE HASSLE perhaps showcasing their love and admiration for various Hard Rock and Stoner Rock artists whilst still doing their own thing.

Number One can be quite experimental on tracks such as Drifter, Knife, House and Drink. However, MASSIVE HASSLE never forgets their catchy and bewitching style of Doomed Out Stoner Rock with a soulful Blues Rock edge offering some of the heaviest, freshest and freakiest sounds on the whole album.

The standout track has to be the final track Fibber which runs past the seven minutes mark and sees MASSIVE HASSLE open with a sultry and almost semi-acoustic Blues Rock sound before launching into a full on Sludge/Stoner Rock assault that brings a sense of gloominess to the album. The intense vocal harmonies work spectacularly well with the distorted psychedelic heaviness that lies within the noise driven sounds of the track with the band allowing the listener to soak up all the DOOM and GLOOM surroundings that will leave you wanting to hear more.

Number One is a deeply engaging and wonderfully different style of Heavy Rock where MASSIVE HASSLE deliver their own unique and original style of music to the Psychedelic Stoner Rock scene. 

Words by Steve Howe

Number One is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via MASSIVE HASSLE


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