Thursday 5 October 2023

Exclusive Premiere Of Psych Stoner Rockers PHE New EP NOTHING ELSE IS REAL

Phe is a three-piece band with heavy, groovy, bluesy riffs, a strong voice and memorable lyrics. Somewhere on the outskirts of Helmond, The Netherlands, around 2014 AD Phe was born. Emerging from previous bands, the three found each other and the mighty groove in Phe.

With a shared love for the dark, the raw and the heavy, the three molded their jams into long form rock songs, using elements of stoner, psych, heavy blues and a touch of prog. So far, they released a self-titled EP in 2017, an album called Glooming Dawn in 2020 and the new EP Nothing Else Is Real which will be released October 7th, 2023.
Phe transports you into the deep tranquility of the heavy groove and jogs you awake with stoner riffs that unexpectedly twist and turns...

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Ruud - Drums/Vocals
Marcel - Bass
Paul - Guitar

You can experience this fantastic and superbly heavy EP in full courtesy of Phe and JK of the mighty Stoner Hive  blog