Thursday 19 October 2023

Infinity Ritual - New Zealand Doom Groove Crew Announce New EP "II" Share Leading Single "Earthdriver"

New Zealand groovy stoner rock trio Infinity Ritual will release a new four-track EP simply named "II" on Friday, November 3rd on vinyl and digital download.

The new EP was recorded and mixed by studio wizard Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace in Oakura, mastered by Chris Chetland at KOG Mastering, and sees the Taranaki trio delivering their trademark sound, a groovy wall of doom, merged with solid doses of rock and stoner rock.

The recording process for the EP started with drums alone, with no click tracks or accompanying guides from any other instruments or vocals – it is simply Mark Thomas playing the tracks from memory from start to finish by himself. It was a new approach for Rhythm Ace's studio maestro Sam Johnson, as he had to wait for the layers to be added over subsequent sessions to discover what the song was going to become. Infinity Ritual always bring to Rhythm Ace studios a range of different guitar and bass amps and heads, all turned up to a wall rattling volume, and they make use of a range of varied techniques to capture different tones and effects. A blend of all of these give the band their heavy full sound.

The EP's leading single "Earthdriver" is now playing at this location and below

The band says of the song, "Earthdriver was borne of jam sessions leading up to the studio dates, with the various grinding riffs and cosmic solo sections coalescing during tracking. Earthdriver is about the contemplation of existence. The anxiety of dealing with the reality of living in the world and coming to accept that we are all on one giant spaceship hurtling through space. So don’t be anxious – enjoy the ride."


Thanks to Viral Propaganda PR for all of the info.