Saturday 9 December 2023

Dan Flitcroft From Stoner Metallers SERGEANT THUNDERHOOF - Favourite Albums Of 2023

Sergeant Thunderhoof claimed my No 1 Fave Album Of 2022 and I had to see what made lead vocalist Dan Flitcroft's own list for 2023. And Dan's list doesn't disappoint. Check out some great albums from Dan below.

Admittedly this year I was quite lazy when it came to new music. I've been busy with the boys in Sergeant Thunderhoof trying to bounce around ideas for new tunes, and when I'm in that mood I tend to try and steer clear of any music remotely in a similar realm to what we do so as not to be subconsciously influenced in any way. 

That being said, I'm very fortunate to have many friends in so many good bands. 2023 seems to have been a year when many of our peers have released outstanding material. And in all circumstances, it has been their best work to date.

1. Phoxjaw - notverynicecream

2. Ritual King – The Infinite Mirror

3. Howling Giant – Glass Future

4. Duskwood – The Last Voyage

5. Hippie Death Cult– Helichrysum

6. La Chinga – Primal Forces

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