Wednesday 6 December 2023

Erik Sugg From Doom/Stoner Rockers THE MAGPIE And Owner Of FIRELIGHT RECORDS - Favourite Albums Of 2023

Erik Sugg, (ex- Demon Eye, Lightning Born) now part of Doom/Stoner Rockers The Magpie released their excellent debut self-titled album back in September 2023 to great acclaim within the underground scene. 

Erik also started a new record label called Firelight Records where you can read more about that new venture here.

I asked Erik to choose his favourite albums of the year and these are his selections below.

Human Thurma - "Savage"

A years-in-the-making reissue of a heavy underground classic from '90s-era Richmond, Virginia Richmond gave the Pacific Northwest a run for their money in producing brutal, heavy math-noise. Human Thurma was one of the best from this time and place.

Night! Night! - "Suicide City"


Chapel Hill, North Carolina is traditionally known for its contributions to the world of indie rock, but in truth, this little town was always a fertile ground for a wide variety of artists. Night! Night! is sure to be a North Carolina breakout. They aptly describe themselves as "sleazy post-hardcore." Their "Suicide City" EP definitely has some Red Fang vibes, but Night! Night! is a band who will undoubtedly bring something of their own into the world of heavy rock.

David Didonato - "Haxan"

David Didonato holds the world record for playing the longest guitar solo ever played, (seriously, it was 25 hours and 55 minutes.) When he's not breaking world records, David takes his classically-trained guitar expertise into heavy realms and provides one-man-metal-band scores for old silent films. Past feats include "Nosferatu" and "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari". For his latest, he joined up with voice actress, Kelli Bland, for a dark and tasty take on the Swedish witchcraft classic, "Haxan."

REZN - "Solace"

The fusion of ambience, space, and atmosphere into the world of metal and heavy rock and roll is not a new phenomenon, but it seems to be a steady-evolving one, particularly when you take into account a band like REZN. This Chicago quartet plays slow and low, but sings high and clean, and drenches their beautiful riffing in multilayers of reverb. At times there are even some hints of flute and other proggish delights. Think YOB meets early King Crimson meets the Cocteau Twins (!)

Church of Misery - "Born Under a Mad Sign"

I'll go as far as to say this is the best album this Japanese doom royalty have ever released. It sounds fresh and inspired, crazy heavy, fuzzy and groovy, and they have a new singer who sounds like a young Buzz Osborn. Earlier this year when they dropped their teaser track, "Most Evil," I got instant goosebumps and an instant reminder of why I loved heavy doom in the first place.