Thursday 14 December 2023

Okay You Win - Live From The Pit (Album Review)

Release Date: 08th December 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Live From The Pit - Tracklisting

Ten Year Trip



Blood Up

Red Flag

Own It

The Greatest Lie


David Kirk - Vocals

Ryan O'Hare -Guitar

Rodrigo Barradas - Bass

Antonio Peci - Drums


UK Psych Stoner Rockers Okay You Win debut release Live From The Pit is quite a bold release with this being a live recording from November 2022. This shows the band in a very raw and honest light. The sound of the album is patchy at times but Okay You Win has a fascinating sound which blends Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Alt Rock and Stoner Rock aggression. Lead vocalist David Kirk switches between his 1970's Hard Rock Frontman persona to the more volatile modern day metal showman. The instrumental parts played superbly well by Ryan O'Hare (Guitar), Rodrigro Barradas (Bass) and Antonio Peci (Drums) showcase that Okay You Win have the makings of a killer LIVE act with great songs to match.

The songs included on this release are well written with flashes of 90's Alt Rock/Grunge sounds that have influences such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and KYUSS. David Kirk has a certain Blues Rock presence and pedigree with his vocal performance especially on tracks such as Ten Year Trip, Dredge and Smoke. The music offers a steely and gritty determination within the more sludgier grooves that appear. There's quite a vivid style of different sounding instrumental solos that retain a real sense of urgency to them. 

Okay You Win injects flashes of subtle Psychedelic and Sonic based energy which allows the band to venture outside the confinements of the Stoner Rock sound they play on this release and perhaps become more Cosmic and Grunge based. Some of the songs are perhaps a little too long in places but Okay You Win have undeniable talent across the board within their ranks especially on the later stages of the album.

Other standout tracks are: Blood Up, Own It and The Greatest Lie which all contain the most interesting and superbly played instrumental moments on the whole release. 

Live From The Pit is a superbly entertaining release that allows Okay You Win to show the Stoner Rock underground scene what they're all about and they have some killer grooves and tracks at their disposal.

If the band decide to re-record these tracks within a studio setting then they may have a potential winning release that will no doubt gain the band some noticeable reviews from within the Stoner Rock scene. It's not the flashiest of releases but Okay You Win show considerable amounts of their huge sounding potential and I'll be keeping my eye on this cool band in the future.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe 


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