Thursday 21 December 2023

Uncle Woe - Well (EP Review)

Release Date: 20th December 2023. Record Label: Owl Ripper Recordings. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Well - Tracklisting

1.Well 04:55 

2.The Many Comforts of Calamity 05:20

3.Sermons for the Electrical Lost 06:16

4.Oblivion and Further Disaster 16:07


Well is the new EP from Stoner/Doom Metal Alchemists Uncle Woe who incorporate a blend of Sludge Metal, Post-Metal, Psych Rock and Progressive World Building into their music on this EP alone. There’s a more dramatic flair coming from Rain Fice who is the creative force behind Uncle Woe especially the way he delivers his vocals within the subtle opening track Well.

Well sees Uncle Woe play heavy Post-Rock sounding guitars with a slight Industrial score which soon builds upto a solid rhythm of Psychedelic Sludge Rock energy which feels eerie close to YOB and Pallbearer at times but that’s a fine sound to aim for with Uncle Woe still striving to play their own emotionally charged style of music.

Second song The Many Comforts Of Calamity has a more Operatic feel with the distorted sludgy guitars becoming more distant and even flamboyant in places. There’s a neverending style of Ambient Post-Rock/Post-Metal energy appearing with the experimental rock energy of Rain’s vocals and subtle flashes of Prog Metal energy. The instrumental moments can be quite out-there even for an Uncle Woe release. However, the guitars and intricate instrumental sounds have a sense of wicked Doomedelic energy to them.

Third song Sermons For The Electrical Lost opens with a surreal Drone Rock aspect that soon merges into Cinematic Post-Rock textures with a slow-paced Psychedelic energy taking its time for the standard Doom/Sludge Metal sounds to appear. Perhaps the most experimental and slightly “out there” track on the album with Uncle Woe weaving intricate moments of Ambient Post-Rock and long drawn out Psychedelic noises with flashes of Droned Out imagery.

The final song Oblivion And Further Disaster is the title track from Uncle Woe’s upcoming full length album which is rather brave and ballsy of the band to include on this EP. However, this was a great decision to make as this is the standout track with Uncle Woe delivering one of their most impressive tracks to date. The song is quite conceptual with Uncle Woe channelling classic styles of Sludge Metal, Post-Metal and Doom Metal that uses influences such as Neurosis, ISIS, and Mastodon within the many moments of heavy Progressive Sludgy guitars the song actually delivers. Don’t be surprised when Uncle Woe changes the whole creative flow and direction of this track unexpectedly which allows the band to deliver their music in a unique, exciting and highly original way.

Well is another superb release from Uncle Woe. This is a record that allows Uncle Woe to explore new musical avenues and one that may show a different side to the band on their upcoming new album Oblivion And Further Disaster. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy Well on DD/VInyl via BandCamp now.


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