Wednesday 13 December 2023

Wayne Rudell From Doom/Fuzz/Stoner Rockers FUZZ EVIL - Favourite Albums Of 2023

Wayne Rudell (Guitar/Vocals) from Doom/Fuzz/Stoner Rockers Fuzz Evil released their superbly entertaining new album New Blood earlier this year which is packed full of classic sounding grooves.

You can see what impressed Wayne this year with his Favourite Albums Of 2023 below.

Queens of the Stone Age - In Times New Roman

Honestly I couldn’t wait for this record to come out. QOTSA has always been one of my favorite bands and biggest influences. They way they can craft songs with so many layers and textures leave you deep inside the vibe of the dance carnivale. This album has so many good tracks and probably is my favorite QOTSA records. My favorite track is “Straight Jacket Fitting”

Tigercub - The Perfume of Decay

If you don’t know about Tigercub you are missing out like crazy. In my opinion they are the next big thing. This band is so damn good. Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard first signed QOTSA on his label Loosegrove records years ago because he recognized what a talent they would be and I believe he did it again signing Tigercub. I gotta say this band is probably my favorite band right now. I got to know these guys personally recently and they are great guys. I first heard them opening for Clutch and EyehateGod two years ago and they were incredible.playing their “As Blue as Indigo” record. The new record “The Perfume of Decay” hits so hard. Do you self a favor and blast their song “Swoon”

Royal Blood - Back To The Water Below

2023 was a killer year for music. Some of my favorite bands released new records and Royal Blood’s “Back to The Water Below” was no exception. I just saw them live again in Phoenix a few weeks back and they have such a good sound. No other two guys could get that big of sound. Mike Kerr is such a talented songwriter and maybe one day we will find out how the hell he makes his bass sound like 5 different instruments. My favorite track is “Back to the Water Below”

The Hives - The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons

I gotta admit I wasn’t too familiar with a lot of The Hives previous  stuff. This record really caught my attention. This record had such a dirty rock n roll vibe. Every Track is dripping with rock sweat that would make bands like MC5, and The Stooges blush. My favorite track is “Countdown to Shutdown”  So So Good

Frankie and The Witch Fingers - Data Doom

My my my does this record slap. What a good goddamn record. Imagine if Ty Segals’ Fuzz and King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard had psych rock baby, Frankie and the Witch Fingers is what you would get.  Afrobeat and Proto Punk is how they describe themselves and you can really tell the drumming on this record is fresh and agro as hell, layering in interesting beats to the familiar vibe of a dirty psych rock. Favorite track would have to be “Electricide”

Howling Giant - Glass Future

Man this record gave me a real Ghost vibe. This record is such a killer listen if you just let it ride. Howling Giant is supertalented and I am excited to see where they go. I can really see them following  the Elder or King Buffalo shoes and just taking over the stoner scene. My favorite track is “Juggernaut”

Black Rainbows - Superskull

Man I really love the fuzz that these guys use on every record.  These guys are such Heavy Psych juggernauts. This record could just be one long dope riff-rock  song I am still not sure.  My neck hurt from this record because I was head banging through the whole damn thing. Killer record worthy to have on Wax. My favorite track is “Cosmic Ride of The Crystal Skull”

Stoned Jesus - Father Light

Man I have been about these guys ever since I heard their “I am the Mountain”T rack. These guys write such epic music. I really love what they did with “Father Light”

My favorite track  “Thought and Prayers” really taps into a Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats vibe. Bravo Gents

Dozer - Drifting In The Endless Void

You can have a year end list without this heavy hitting record.  Dozer is back and we missed them! These stoner heavy weights dropped maybe one of the best stoner rock records of the year. Great songwriting and heavy hitting riffs. My favorite track is “Run Mortals, Run”

Fire Down Below - Low Desert Surf Club

These lads released their record the same day as our “New Blood” record. I have been digging the hell out of this record all year. These guys released by far one of the best singles of the year with the Kyuss fueled “California”

Saint Karloff - Palolithic War Crimes

Man this record gave my a really Deep Purple vibe. I love the proggy 70’s dreamscape these guy did with this record. Such a good record to just let it ride.  My favorite track is “Nothing to Come”.


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