Wednesday 6 December 2023

Portland rockers TIGERS ON OPIUM to release debut album "Psychodrama" on Heavy Psych Sounds From March 2024; first track streaming now!

Portland-based hard rockers TIGERS ON OPIUM sign to Heavy Psych Sounds Records for the release of their debut album "Psychodrama" on March 1st 2024, and unveil its first single "Sky Below My Feet"

Critics have frequently compared TIGERS ON OPIUM to heavy hitters such as Queens of the Stone Age, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Electric Wizard, Torche, Alice in Chains and Refused - and just like these bands, Tigers shares a hunger for the exploration of new ideas, while simultaneously staying rooted in what makes all this music timeless... THE RIFF! The result is a dark and dirty psychedelic fuzz that leaves the typical genre conventions in an insalubrious haze.

Stream new single Sky Below My Feet below:

Their debut album "Psychodrama" explores various psychological and social experiences that have shaped our cultural evolution. Occultism, Propaganda, Atomic Warfare, Media Consumption, Religion, Social unrest, Nostalgia, Mental Struggle, Pop Culture, Revolution, and Change - are all themes explored throughout the album.

About their new track "Sky Below My Feet", the band says: “It’s wild that we look in mirrors everyday, and depending on your general disposition, a mirror can tell you a lot about yourself. Somebody smarter than me said the mirror is a reflection of the soul. So whether your world is turning upside down and you’re racing against the clock, or you’re just getting ready to head out the house and need a quick fit check… a mirror can tell us a lot. And it especially tells us the truth. There’s no running from it. Sky Below My Feet is about facing your true self, even when you feel that everything around you is falling apart. You can look into your own eyes, and decide which version of you it is you want to be.”

Debut album "Psychodrama" - Out March 1st 2024 on Heavy Psych Sounds - PRE-ORDER

Psychodrama" is TIGERS ON OPIUM's debut full length: a structured form of therapy in which a person dramatizes a personal problem or conflict, usually in front of a group of other therapy participants. The other participants usually take part in the drama, though each performance focuses on a single person's concerns. The goal of psychodrama therapy is to work together in a group to achieve a better understanding of past traumas and the influence they can create, the members must feel willing to work together.

Frontman Juan Carlos Caceres says: "When I came across the idea of psychodrama therapy, I started to think about how we have so many joint experiences as a society that currently happen or have happened, and how they shape both our singular and collective consciousness. Music has always been a form of therapy for not just me, but a massive amount of the people in the world. I started to conceptualize this as an idea for the album, thinking that we all have so many connections to major/micro events in time, and generally similar interpretations of them. Like the idea of a psychodrama therapy session, I started to envision how the songs could play out about these different moments... Almost like vignettes or snapshots of life, with the song playing the role of the individual, and the listeners playing the role of the group.


Juan Carlos Caceres - lead vocals, guitars, synths, piano
Nate Wright - drums and vocals
Charles Hodge - bass and vocals
Jeanot Lewis-Rolland - guitars and vocals


Website ⎜ Facebook ⎜ Bandcamp ⎜ Instagram ⎜ Spotify


Website ⎜ Facebook ⎜ Bandcamp ⎜Instagram ⎜ Youtube

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for all of the details.