Sunday 10 December 2023

Sandrider - Aviary/Baleen (7 Inch Single Review)

Release Date: December 15th 2023. Record Label: Alternative Tentacles. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Aviary/Baleen - Tracklisting

1.Aviary 03:56

2.Baleen 03:00


Jon Weisnewski - Guitar/Vocals

Jessed Roberts - Bass/Vocals

Nat Damm - Drums


Famed Seattle Rockers Sandrider return with their blistering and turbo-charged new 7 inch double single of Aviary/Baleen and it’s a mighty fine addition to their 2023 acclaimed album Enveletration. Both tracks offer fast-paced Psych Stoner Grooves that match that legendary Seattle GRUNGE swagger with Sandrider having mighty boisterous PUNK ROCK fun within the opening track Aviary.

There’s a slight At The Drive In sound within this track with Sandrider’s trademark outlandish Doom-esque drive with the Psychedelic and Grunge aspects of the track. Jon’s vocals have a social awareness to them with the lyrics contained on this track which surprised even myself on the hard hitting themes the band touch upon. The music remains constantly upbeat in places despite the socially aware subject matter. This is classic SANDRIDER through and through which sees the band play wicked sounding sludgy guitar solos with a killer sideline in metallic grooves.

Second track Baleen is another rebellious slice of Punk Rock and Grunge sounds with Sandrider playing with an aggressive creative attitude with flashes of Psych Rock melody that has quite a bone-crunching sound within the later stages of the track. The “LESS IS MORE” drive of the track gives way to some of the most epic and technically impressive sounds on the release alone.

Sandrider once again teamed up with the legendary Matt Bayles for this release. Matt has worked with the likes of SOUNDGARDEN, ISIS and MASTODON within his lengthy career and the results are gloriously diverse as ever. 

Aviary/Baleen proves why Sandrider are one of the essential bands you need to know about right now if you’re a fan of the Grunge/Stoner Metal scene. This is another intense and first-rate release from one of the best bands currently out there.

Words by Steve Howe 

Thanks to Alternative Tentacles for the promo.

Aviary/Baleen will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via Alternative Tentacles from December 15th 2023.


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