Thursday 14 December 2023

Dievel - Sedimentale (Album Review)

Release Date: 15th December 2023. Record Label: Overdrive Records / Shove Records / The Fucking Clinica. Formats: CD/DD

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Bob Villa

Valentino Boccedi

Luca Gabriella

Alessandro Zanotti


Instrumental Post-Metallers Dievel are a band made up of various musicians from the Italian Alternative Metal scene where they've joined forces to form a band with a more primal and ritualistic urge within their sound that also fuses Ambient Post-Rock sensibility at their creative disposal. Dievel's debut album Sedimentale is a beautifully heavy and down-tuned experience with epic sludgy guitars that draws upon bands such as Pelican, Russian Circles, BOSSK and Cult Of Luna. Though, Dievel reminds me of another great Italian Post-Metal band by the name of LENTO. Both bands have quite a similar approach in delivering their own blend of Instrumental Sludge Metal with Dievel offering a more emotionally charged sound.

Sedimentale runs across eight tracks for around fifty minutes with Dievel channelling a harsh Sludge Metal sound with the Atmospheric Post-Metal grooves keeping the album quite world-weary and psychedelic in places. There's a wealth of complex sounding progressive melodies within the album as Dievel allow themselves to play their own devastating blend of emotionally cold gloomy sounds that changes into harsh Post-Rock passages along the way. The instrumental work is impressive and richly satisfying throughout with Dievel demonstrating a keen ear for sonic manipulation on the early stages of the album on standout tracks such as: Mantichora, Vipra and Well. These tracks help Dievel establish an emotional connection with the listener with a non-stop array of classic world-building Post-Metal moments which harks back to the classic early days of Post-Metal. Dievel employs a solitary stop/start approach with their music that allows the album to become more prominent within the LOW & SLOW environments that ultimately becomes the most dominant sound of the entire album.

Sedimentale requires the listener's full attention as they include different sounding Ambient noises in the background though allowing the beautifully played and aggressive Sludge/Post-Metal instrumental sounds to never be far away to punish your senses with. Dievel perhaps finds greater creative accomplishment with the more tender and quieter parts of the album. As they weave classic Post-Rock themes with their prominent Sludge/Post-Metal sound that delves into darker areas of music which brings a more chaotic Progressive element to the whole album.

Other standout tracks are: Decade, Silt, Detriti and Microchimerismo. These tracks see Dievel play the most devastating moments of the album. The mood can be rather subdued but Dievel are striving for full emotional creativity here and they succeed especially on the wonderful fourth track Decade. As Dievel brings a Classical element to their music which slowly builds upto a first rate outburst of Post-Metal aggression.

Sedimentale is a haunting and emotionally charged release that's beautifully intense with a range of different levels of threatening moments of classic sounding Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal that's very hard to come by. This is a masterful release which should allow Dievel to make some waves within the underground Instrumental Post-Metal scene. 

Words by Steve Howe 

Thanks to Overdrive Records for the promo.

Sedimentale will be released on CD/DD via the following links below from Friday December 15th 2023.

Overdrive Records

Shove Records

The Fucking Clinica


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