Monday 18 December 2023

Dieaway - Trisected Liminality (Vol. 1)

Release Date: 05th December 2023. Record Label: Self Released.. Formats: DD

Trisected Liminality (Vol. 1) - Tracklisting

1.The Skillful Art of Losing Balance 05:06

2.The Anchor 05:58

3.Primal Form 05:05

4.Pursuer 05:49

5.Xilema 04:38

6.Last Note by Zann 03:56

7.Apostrophized 06:29


David Puigdueta 'Diea' - (Guitars & vocals)

Oliver Ruiz - (Drums)

Raúl Puigdueta - (Bass).


Alternative Metal/Grunge/Stoner Rockers Dieaway new album Trisected Liminality (Vol. 1) has visions of a band transported from the 1970’s Hard Rock scene to the 1990’s Alt-Metal/Grunge Scene but with a free-flowing Stoner Rock atmosphere. The sound can be quite progressive and trippy at the same time with multiple different time signatures being part of the creative journey. If you enjoy bands such as KYUSS, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains then Dieaway offer a fast-paced style of music that manages to be bold, brash and quite different in places.

The opening songs of The Skillful Art Of Losing Balance, The Anchor and Primal Form sees Dieaway play with a more Grunge aesthetic with the vocals changing into different tonal shifts that draw influences upon Josh Homme, Chris Cornell and Layne Staley. Lead vocalist David Puigdueata “Diea” is bang on form with his vocal performance which is equally charismatic and aggressive at the same time. The music forms into a muscular style of Desert/Stoner Rock with a twisted level of FUZZ which soon changes shift yet again as the album progresses to the next exciting chapters Dieaway perform throughout the album.

Trisected Liminality (Vol. 1) never aims to reach or strive for a modern day sound with Dieway happy performing their own take on vintage sounding Hard Rock/Alt Rock/Stoner Rock grooves. There’s a slight creative leftfield turn when Dieaway pay homage to bands such as TOOL, Incubus and HELMET within tracks such as Primal Form and Pursuer. This is perhaps where Dieaway play some of the most vivid and interesting sounds on the album. As there’s a deep emotional core starting to appear in the way the band delivers their music and the lyrics contained within these tracks alone. 

The final third of the album sees Dieaway play a more adventurous style of Grunge/Stoner Rock with that multiple time signatures appearing allowing the record to become more Progressive than ever before which comes through strongly on the final two tracks of Last Note By Zann and Apostrophized. 

Trisected Liminality (Vol. 1) is a quality sounding record on all fronts that allows Dieaway play a neverending array of complex sounding grooves that deserve multiple and repeated listens to fully explore what Dieway have delivered with this first rate release.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe 


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