Friday 1 December 2023

Tuber - Joyful Science (Album Review)

Release Date: December 01st 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Joyful Science - Tracklisting

Joyful Science

No One For Life

Chain Of Signs

Eau Rouge

Burning Florence


Alexei Korolev - Guitars

Ross Prtichett - Bass/Vocals

Zach Price - Drums


Acclaimed Instrumental Desert/Stoner Rockers Tuber return from a six and half year slumber with their new album Joyful Science which sees the band develop a more Electronic based sound compared to their previous albums. This could have easily gone wrong but Tuber have delivered a more transcendental and uplifting sound which still harks back to their trademark Psychedelic grooves. Joyful Science also contains its fair share of Post-Rock themes with a haunting 1980's Electronic beats which would have quite a cinematic soundtrack effect. 

Opening song Joyful Science is mostly Electronic Rock driven with a subtle Post-Rock/Desert Rock score with Tuber experimentation with different levels of creative storytelling that's reminiscent of Yawning Man in places. The overall result is wonderfully stylish and quite adventurous sound that is quite heavy without being heavy. The song becomes more Prog Rock based but with a Trippy and Ambient flow which still allows Tuber to play exquisite Desert Rock based extended instrumental jams before disappearing into the distance.

Second song No Cure For Life delves even deeper into the Electronica landscape with moments of Blues Rock based Desert/Stoner grooves with a freaky Psychedelic drive. The guitars are quite vivid with the music becoming more experimental with a familiar Californian Desert Rock vibe. Post-Rock flourishes soon moves over into the theatre and realistic vision of 1980's soundtracks that you may have heard from iconic shows such as Miami Vice though Tuber keeps the Stoner Rock movement alive within the album.

Third song Chain of Signs opens with sounds from the era of 8-bit video games but delivered with a certain Desert Rock panache and style. The atmosphere becomes more Stoner Rock aware and the jagged guitars allows Tuber never to sway from delivering a Heavy Instrumental Rock album. Tuber could have easily lost their way with this track but the Electronic/Desert Rock hybrid sound never goes out of style or fashion with a pulsating performance from the band allowing this track to be one of the standout tracks on the album. The sound is quite aggressive even when the Electronic Rock takes centre stage for certain parts of the track.

Fourth song Eau Rouge keeps up with the Electronica beats with more gloom based influences being added which feels like a mashup of Jan Hammer and John Carpenter based soundtracks but played with a more Hard Rock orientated theme. The mood can be quite spontaneous and flashy in places but the epic flow of different musical worlds brings a more vibrant sound to the album especially on Eau Rouge.

The final song Burning Florence sees Tuber being more low-key with their creative choices and instrumental sounds they play on this track. Moving from Post-Rock to dreamlike Desert/Stoner Rock jams can be quite challenging to hear at times but there's a wonderful haunting sound that ends this album on a mighty finish.

Joyful Science is a great album from Tuber to come back with. The production values are excellent that allows Tuber to deliver their most engaging and emotionally charged release to date. Joyful Science will delight and confuse you in equal measure but will ultimately leave you craving for more incredible instrumental sounds that only Tuber can deliver.

Words by Steve Howe 

Thanks to 3P Lab for the promo.

Joyful Science will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from December 01st 2023.


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