Saturday 2 December 2023

Laura la Sangrienta - Profeta (Album Review)

Release Date: November 29th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Profeta - Tracklisting

1.Blues del Cementerio 04:04

2.El Andar del Ogro 04:48

3.Invocando al Fuego Negro 03:06

4.Terror en la Nave 1165 03:12

5.Astro Lejano 04:10

6.Profeta del Horror Cósmico 07:04

7.Caravana al Planeta Cráneo (En vivo) 07:49


Peruvian Psych Stoner Rockers Laura la Sangrienta debut album Profeta is a wicked collection of Psychedelic and Freakish jams with the band improvising a lot of their music set against a fast-paced Hard Rock atmosphere. There’s a varied style of different melodies with the band injecting 1970’s Psych Rock sounds and ferocious Classic Hard Rock grooves which you can hear within the stunning opening track Blues del Cementerio.

The album does contain an underlying Prog Rock sound which can be quite doom based in places. Laura la Sangrienta are quite spontaneous with their music throughout the album and the added touch of Ambient and Spaced Out Sounds gives the record a more adventurous feel. Distorted guitars and long drawn out effects come into play on tracks such as El Ander del Ogro  and Invocando al Fuego Negro which also offers that allows the band to offer that classic South Amerifan feel to their music. 

The record can be quite aggressive when the band members play their own instrumental solos within the album that has a slight “WINNER TAKES ALL” approach with a frenzied style of Psychedelic Rock that has influences such as Earthless starting to appear. The flow of the album becomes more exciting when Laura la Sangrienta plays a faster style of music where the different styles of Psychedelic Stoner grooves overlap each other and the sound becomes wicked and more chaotic that leads into the heaviest moments on the whole record. 


Other great tracks to check out are: Terror en la Nave 1165,  Profeta del Horror Cósmico and Caravana al Planeta Cráneo (En vivo). These tracks alone are where the band show a more wicked and creative flair with highly progressive sounding jams that showcase how talented the band really are. 

Profeta is not your standard Instrumental Stoner Rock album. As this is quite a multi-layered and complex sounding album with a devilish amount of fun from start to finish. Laura la Sangrienta has released a wickedly entertaining release that’s quite outlandish that demands your full attention.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe 


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