Friday 22 December 2023

Exclusive Premiere Of New Split Single Featuring DEAD + Defektro / Skullfork

Djaara Country, Castlemaine, Australian DIY heavy duo DEAD preview the first split singles from their ambitious “pop” record, Burn Us Clean throughout December, 2023.

Along with the 9 original A-Side tracks, DEAD have enlisted a plethora of their favourite bands to record B-sides for the project. The result is a compilation of raw and exciting sounds from across the extreme music world.

DEAD are releasing the first three singles and their B-sides throughout December in digital and physical form, featuring Norway’s MoE, Gay Witch Abortion from Minnesota and tracks from Japan’s Defektro and brutal locals Skullfork.

Each 7” is released in an edition of 150 with sleeves hand printed the band. A box set version featuring all nine singles in an edition of 50 has already sold out. Dead will release a second, more modest box set for those who missed out. All singles will be available in digital format.

When it comes to the Burn Us Clean project, the band explain that “like most things DEAD does it started with “Hey wouldn’t it be fun if…” And for us “fun” usually means biting off more than we can chew and pissing off someone in the process.”

We’ve never been a radio band but insist our songs are full of melody – not our fault people are too lazy to find it. So, after recording Raving Drooling (our version of a metal album) we decided to write a pop record; a whole album of singles that could, in theory, be played on the radio.

But how do you make a simple idea like that overly complicated? What if we released each single as a split 7”? And made a box set version as well? Sounds suitably stupid.

But hang on why is this only coming out now? Well…we started this record pre pandemic, with much hope in our hearts. We worked again with Toshi Kasai to track it and laughed till it hurt. And then everything went dark. We couldn’t do what we loved most, we lost people dear to us. And all of a sudden pop songs didn’t feel right. We released a noise record, a live album and the long form instrumental The Laughing Shadow.

And now Burn Us Clean; A series of nine singles that is also an album and also a showcase of some of our very favourite bands active right now. An embracing of the short attention span that permeates our music culture more and more every day. Yes we can write singles!”

Information about the first 3 B-Side Bands:

Vol I - MoE (Norway):

We’ve had the privilege of touring with MoE across continents. They are simply one of the most phenomenally heavy live bands you’ll ever see. A relentless work ethic, an insatiable desire for capsaicin and a refusal to land inside any genre.

Vol II - Gay Witch Abortion (USA):

We met these delightful fellas on our first US tour and they instantly became the most played band in the tour van. Their musicianship is awe inspiring and they write damn good tunes to boot. We just love what they do and how they go about doing it.

Vol III - Defektro and Skullfork (Japan/Aus):

Defektro makes noise music in a way that is absolutely unique to him. Builds his own instruments and pedals and plays with fire on stage; literally, not metaphorically.

Skullfork is unlike any other band we’ve ever come across. The world is better for having their music in it. Sam (Guitarist of Duckeye) somehow steers this unruly ship and we’re so grateful that he does.

DEAD BURN US CLEAN SPLIT 1 with MoE and SPLIT II with Gay Witch Abortion are both out now via BandCamp

You can now listen to the next exciting chapter from DEAD with Defektro / Skullfork performing their own intense blend of Hardcore/Punk/Metal Grooves with a FUCKED UP sense of aggressive and ferociousness that will leave you breathless.

Thanks to Hearts & Minds Agency & We Empty Rooms for all of the details.