Tuesday 5 December 2023

French Doomsters Witchorious Signs To Argonauta Records

French doom metal band Witchorious has officially joined forces with Argonauta Records to launch their debut full-length album.

The band expresses their excitement, stating:

"We are so happy to announce our collaboration with Argonauta Records for our debut album. This is an honor for us to be featured on the catalog of such an iconic label, so influential in the stoner doom scene. We are also very pleased to work with such a dedicated music enthusiast as Gero. Much witchcraft, Antoine, Lucie, and Paul."

Witchorious is a doom metal band from Paris, France. Founded in 2019, the trio is composed of Antoine Auclair (guitar/vocals), and brother and sister Paul (drums) and Lucie (bass/vocals) Gaget. Their first two singles “3 AM” and “Evil Creature” came out of darkness in 2020.

Their music blends bluesy riffs inherited from Black Sabbath, aggressive sounds supported by fuzzy bass lines in the likes of Electric Wizard, and intense atmospheres inspired by bands like Amenra and Mastodon. All this led by adventurous and solid drums, spawning modern chaotic doom metal songs with enraged vocals. Between screams and whispers, Antoine and Lucie’s voices have us travel from incantations to outpouring of despair. Each track will immerse you in the darkness of your mind, where you will keep looking for answers.

Dying to meet their audience, Witchorious play more and more gigs and opened for The Wytches in Paris and Westill Fest in November 2023. Witchorious’s debut album will be released in February 2024 through Italian label Argonauta Records. The album was recorded in Paris at Studio Sainte-Marthe by Francis Caste and contains 10 tracks that address psychic duality, human vice, and the inevitable fate of the world along with hellish fuzzy riffs.

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