Thursday 14 December 2023

Psych Sludge/Doomgazers GRIN Announce New Album HUSH And Release Title Track.

Presenting their fourth full-length album, GRIN further unravel the thread of their psychedelic destiny with an extensive exercise in absurd heaviness and DIY production. 

Breaking new ground with alien textures and foreign grooves, these 16 tracks see the Berlin-based power couple crafting other-worldly dunescapes from the sands of time and space, dragging you deeper into their universe of dust bowl mythology and cosmic horror. 

The title track is a prime example of how GRIN have been honing their sound, marrying West Indian rhythms and shakers with old-school black metal type vocals and languid extended bass drones with high-pitched alien noises. A groovy introduction to an incense-shrouded space dive that will leave you both starstruck and delirious.“

Taken from the band’s new album "HUSH“ due out February 16th, 2024 on TLD Records:
"HUSH" will be available on Vinyl, CD and Digital formats.

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Written & performed by GRIN Recorded & produced by J. Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin

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Thanks to Jan from GRIN for all of the details.