Saturday 27 January 2024

Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metallers STONE NOMADS hitting the road in support of “… At The Gates of Solitude”

Stone Nomads are touring in support of new album “…At The Gates of Solitude” with a stop at SXSW, Gravitoyd Doom Fest and Maryland Doom Fest!


3/14/24 - Sxsw @Far and out lounge, Austin TX - STONER JAM FESTIVAL
3/16/24 – Black Magic Social Club, Houston TX w/Bong Wizard
3/22/24 - The 101, Bryan TX w/Bullethead
4/13/24 – 1810 Ojeman, Houston TX, w/Wretched Kingdom
5/4/24 – GRAVITOYD DOOM FEST 2 @ Black Magic Social Club, Houston TX
6/18/24- Fleetwoods, Asheville NC w/ Red Beard Wall.
6/20/24 – 6/23/24 – MARYLAND DOOM FEST @ Café 611 / Olde Mother Brewing, Frederick, MD

Stone Nomads have shared the stage with scene leaders Khemmis, Spirit Adrift, Elder, Mothership, among others and played multiple festivals and regional tours in the southern US. The band is currently making plans to hit the road in support of the new album in January 2024.

Media Quotes:

"with "...At the Gates of Solitude" Stone Nomads have found their own voice. The sound the band capture on this album is heavier, blacker and more extreme than anything that graced their debut and is all the better for it”

- Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist / Doom Charts)

“Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metallers Stone Nomads have really aimed big for their second album "...At The Gates Of Solitude" with the band employing a more monolithic and thick Doom Metal sound”

- Steve Howe (Outlaws of the Sun)

“Sludgy doom goodness is what you get with the debut album from Houston, Texas’ STONE NOMADS. Serious Sabbath worship in the best possible way coupled with sometimes gruff sometimes not vocals, Fields Of Doom lumbers across the Texas landscape wrecking everything in its path. Songs like Fiery Sabbath don’t just rip your head off; there is a catchiness to the six tracks that is many times missing when you have such a heavy, lumbering beast.”

~ Rich Piva (Doom Charts)


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Thanks to Desert Bloom PR for all of the details.