Saturday 6 January 2024

Hunden - A Calming Press (Album Review)

Release Date: 03rd January 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

A Calming Press - Tracklisting

1.Escape Trajectory 03:23

2.Subtext 02:09

3.Statuesque 03:03

4.In Season 02:08

5.Healer 02:36

6.A Calming Press 04:01

7.Prix Fixe 05:36

8.Opportunity 02:23

9.Late Future 02:15


Toby Reif - Guitar / Vocals / Piano

Nick Schmitt - Bass / Backing Vocals

Adam Paduch - Drums / Backing Vocals


A Calming Press is the debut album from Hunden who put the “RAWK” back into Stoner Rock with their emphasis on big meaty, tasty and catchy riffs which have a slight Punk Rock groove. The band have influences ranging from TORCHE, Red Fang and The Offspring appearing within their music. I can maybe detect a slight HUM influence on the more Heavy Psychedelic and Shoegaze moments of the record. The songs are always LOUD, FUN and BOISTEROUS  with a Sludge Rock sound that even has a Noise Rock element on tracks such as Escape Trajectory, Subtext and Statuesque.

There is a style of OUTSIDER ROCK appearing within the lyrics which is where I feel the Punk Rock energy comes from which gives A Calming Press quite a volatile sound with Hunden still being a hugely likeable act. There’s a sense of warmth coming from the band’s music even when they’re being quite aggressive and destructive at the same time which comes across mostly within the early stages of the album.


Hunden do reach deafening levels of Stoner Metal which has an air of distortion on certain parts of the which reminds me of early era TORCHE in places whilst keeping that highly melodic style before knocking you out with a Sludge Metal riff that comes out of nowhere before changing back into a Doom-Pop melody. 

Other great tracks to check out are: In Season, Healer, A Calming Press and Prix Fixe. These tracks contain the most impressive and heaviest moments where Hunden start playing their own definitive style with the album offering moments of genuine nostalgia and modern day sounds that left me wanting to hear more.

A Calming Press maybe could have done with a few more tracks to stretch it over the thirty minute mark. As Hunden starts to be making genuine waves of originality with the final two tracks of Opportunity and Late Future before the album ends. That’s my only complaint for an otherwise brilliantly impressive debut album.

The production values are outstanding that allows Hunden to sound EPIC from start to finish. Overall, A Calming Press is a fantastic debut release which I hope the Doom/Stoner Metal Community will welcome with open arms. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe