Thursday 18 January 2024

Psych Doom Metallers DAEVAR Announce New Album AMBER EYES And Release New Song LILITH'S LULLABY

With Amber Eyes Cologne-based doom grunge trio Daevar recast Nirvana’s trademark loud-quiet dynamics in slow-burning soundscapes and blistering guitar solos. Recorded
through vintage cabinets and guided by Pardis Latif’s sultry vocals, these six
compositions are a spellbound swim in the warm gaze of a primordial she-demon.

You can watch the video for their new song Lilith's Lullaby below:

Amber Eyes will be available on CD, vinyl and digitally on March 22, 2024.l from The Lasting Dose Records from Friday 19th January 2024. 


Coming right off the back of their sold-out debut album, doom grunge trio Daevar show
no signs of slowing down with their sophomore album Amber Eyes. Combining the
melody-oriented songwriting and swaying rhythms of grunge with the mysticism and
languid heaviness of doom metal, the Cologne-based trio combine the best of both
worlds to craft a mesmerising quarter hour of music.

Daevar have been crafting their unique style of slow, sinister rock music since the
release of their debut EP last year. Delirious Rites was lauded by Metal Hammer for its mature songwriting and was marked by a carefully crafted lo-f dynamic. With Amber
Eyes Daevar switch things up, recasting Nirvana’s trademark loud-quiet dynamics in
slow-burning soundscapes and blistering guitar solos.

Marked by swaying rhythms and punchy riffs, as well as sultry vocals and blistering 
guitar solos, Amber Eyes is another rare exercise in slow and moody from the doom 
grunge trio from Cologne. Produced once more by Jan Oberg at his Hidden Planet 
Studio in Berlin, Amber Eyes was recorded through vintage cabinets used by the 
German rock legend Udo Lindenberg’s Panikorchester, resulting in a warm vintage tone
which engulfs you throughout these six long-form compositions. Just once diving under 
the six minute mark, these songs take their time to entrance and beguile, slowly 
dragging you in to their world of Teheran by way of Berlin and Seattle.

Propelled by Mortiz’s economic drumming full of Grohl-isms and Caspar’s guitar work 
refecting classic death-doom acts like Paradise Lost and Katatonia, these songs have a 
distinct retro vibe which matches perfectly with Pardis’ warm, sultry voice. Each song is a
unique ride, whether starting out heavy like the title track and «Pay to Pray» or opening 
atmospherically like «Caliban and the Witch». They all result in a mesmerising swim, 
spellbound in the gaze of the primordial she-demon.


2023 Daevar - Delirious Rites
2024 Daevar – Amber Eyes


Pardis Latif - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Moritz Ermen Bausch - Drums
Caspar Orfgen - Guitars

All songs written & performed by DAEVAR
Recorded at HIDDEN PLANET STUDIO / Berlin
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Jan Oberg
Artwork by Caspar Orfgen

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