Wednesday 10 January 2024

The Broken Heroes - Whoreshiper (Album Review)

Release Date: 14th December 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Whoreshiper - Tracklisting

1.Exordium 05:04

2.Hidden Lies 06:15

3.Live in Tomorrow 05:53

4.Burn in Hell 04:21

5.Paradise Worshiper 07:14

6.Why 03:06

7.Son of Universe 03:49


Misbah (vocal guitar)

Arbiansyah (guitar)

Firman Fidandi (drum) 

Shina (bass)


Indonesian Psych Doom/Stoner Rockers The Broken Heroes debut album Whoreshiper offers a rebellious slice of Garage Rock fused Doom/Stoner Rock with the band focusing on classic heavy riffs and delirious amounts of FUZZ. With influences ranging from the usual suspects of KYUSS, FU MANCHU and Black Sabbath. The Broken Heroes have a cool soulful attitude appearing within their music when there’s a sudden change to Blues Rock sounds which allows Whoreshiper to show off with their excellent instrumental jams on the fantastic opening tracks of Exordium, Hidden Lies and Live In Tomorrow.

The album does contain its fair share of hazy and heavy excursions into Psychedelic Fuzz with Misbah’s slightly distorted vocals which are easy to follow and quite engaging as well. The album is unashamedly flowing with 1990’s Stoner Rock/Metal charm and creative attitude especially with the extended and flashy guitar solos the album wonderfully contains. 

The Indonesian Doom/Stoner Metal scene has impressed me greatly over the last few years with bands such as Rexxar, Jawless and Mud Spence. You can now add The Broken Heroes to that list of cool baads to check out from the Indonesian Underground Stoner Scene. However, The Broken Heroes music has a true “global” sound that will resonate with everyone within the Global Doom/Stoner Rock underground scene. As Whoreshiper is a quality sounding Doom/Stoner release from start to finish. The songs are expertly written and played throughout with some epic WEEDIAN jams appearing on tracks such as: Live In Tomorrow, Burn In Hell and Paradise Worshipper.

The lyrics are another highlight with the band writing some very cool and meaningful lyrics to match the superb sounding vocal harmonies which can be quite uplifting in places even on the more DOOMED out moments of the album.

Whoreshiper has superb production values which allows The Broken Heroes to deliver a deeply engaging and thrilling album that is hopefully the start of a long and rewarding career for the band. Check this great album out now.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe 


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