Thursday 25 January 2024

Greengoat - A.I. (Album Review)

Release Date: 26th January 2024. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Formats: CD/DD

A.I. - Tracklisting


2.The Seed (Remastered)

3.A.I. (Remastered)



6.Naraka I

7.Naraka II

8.Burn the End


Ivan Flores - Voice/Guitars

Ruth Moya - Drums/Lyrics


A.I. is the new album from Psych Doom/Stoner Metal duo Greengoat and as the album title states, this is a concept album about the awakening of Artificial Intelligence. The album opens with a cold introductory opening song called Void which explores the 3 Laws Of Robotics from legendary Science Fiction writer Isaac Asimov. The spoken word passage is told across a Psychedelic and Ambient Post-Doom/Post-Rock sound that has a clinical Electronic sound which allows the song to feel slightly longer than its initial two minutes plus runtime.

Second song The Seed (Remastered) is a sludgy offering with Industrial sounding rhythms which matches to the A.I. attitude and creative exploration of the album. The grooves are quite metallic with flashes of Post-Rock/Post-Stoner energy with Ivan’s vocals having a slight Alt-Rock twinge to them. The song is quite slow-paced to begin with but soon finds its own vision when the heavier moments appear which sends Greengoat into heavier realms. The record itself does have an unapologetic style of production values which allows the whole record to be quite cynical at the best of times but equally emotionally thrilling at the same time.

Third song A.I. (Remastered) opens with a Sludgy Southern Rock groove which allows Greengoat to offer a classic Grungier and Blues Rock aesthetic to the mix. Ivan’s vocals offer a different persona compared to the previous track which shows his true vocal range which he delivers time and time again on the album. The blistering drums from Ruth (who is also the lyricist for Greengoat) is catchy and downright aggressive whenever the mood calls for. Shades of Alice In Chains, UFOMAMMUT and YOB with even nods to BLACK SABBATH can be felt on this song alone and for the rest of the album.

The record is quite topical due to the creative subject matter of Artificial Intelligence. A.I. can most definitely be used for the greater good but it can also be used for more sinister purposes which this album highlights superbly well. You experience both sides of the argument whilst being treated to some epic tasty instrumental sludgy passages with a raw DOOMED OUT and PSYCHEDELIC attitude appearing on tracks such as Human, Awake and the sublime two-part track Naraka I and Naraka II which are perhaps my favourite tracks off the whole album.

The final song Burn The End allows Greengoat to explore a more organic sound which harks back to the classic 1990’s heyday of Stoner Rock/Metal with that stunning Prog Rock/Metal attitude that the record continuously explores even within the dying seconds of this track.

Greengoat are a highly intellectual and inventive band with the fantastic ideas, lyrics and mostly intense grooves they’ve delivered with A.I. Overall, A.I. is a brilliantly observed study into the use of modern technology which also offers sublime sounds from start to finish with a deeply engaging story to match.

Words by Steve Howe 

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A.I. is available to buy now on CD/DD via Argonauta Records.


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