Monday 15 January 2024

Gravitoyd announce ‘CHAPTER 1: THE GATHERING’ a Split Vinyl with Stone Nomads and Demons My Friends!

Gravitoyd announce ‘CHAPTER 1: THE GATHERING’ a Split Vinyl with Stone Nomads and Demons My Friends!

Limited edition Split LP with Demons My Friends on one side and Stone Nomads on the other side. Chapter 1: the Gathering is the first in a series of split LP's from Gravitoyd Heavy Music. Includes select tracks from "Demons Seem to Gather" and "Fields of Doom"

Gravitoyd Heavy Music is proud to announce the release of it’s first in a series of Vinyl Split LP releases – “CHAPTER 1: THE GATHERING” Featuring Gravitoyd artists DEMONS MY FRIENDS and STONE NOMADS. 

Each release will be a limited edition available in Vinyl LP format only. Visit our bandcamp page for more details (see link above)

“Chapter 1: The Gathering is a celebration of 2 of our most coveted releases here at Gravitoyd Heavy Music. The album is a collection of tracks from STONE NOMAD’s “Fields of Doom” and DEMONS MY FRIENDS “Demons Seem to Gather”, each of which were featured albums of the year in 2022 and 2023 respectively. We are excited to hear these songs on vinyl for the first time!”

About The Bands

Demons My Friends is an unlikely collaboration between members of Mexican alt-metal band QBO and Washington, DC desert rockers Fellowcraft. The stoner/doom metal trio—Lu Salinas (bass/vocals), Tarro Martinez (drums), Pablo Anton (guitar/vocals)—embarked on their creative endeavor via an impromptu recording session at the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX in 2022.

Stone Nomads is an American Metal power trio based in Houston TX. The band, formed by Jon Cosky (Guitar/Vocals) and Jude Sisk (Bass/Vocals) in 2021, incorporates the sounds of early Doom Metal, modern Sludge Metal and all things heavy. Conceptually, the band explores the journey of life and death through the heavier and darker side of things, delivered via sludged-out, powerful riff-based sonics.

Thanks to Desert Bloom PR for all of the details.