Sunday 21 January 2024

Volt Ritual - Return To Jupiter (EP Review)

Release Date: 02nd February 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Return To Jupiter - Tracklisting

Heavy Metal Is Good For You



Return To Jupiter


Mateusz Węgrzynkiewicz – guitar, voice

Michał Zgajewski – bass

Tomek Łabaj – drums, voice


Return To Jupiter is the new EP from Doom/Stoner Rockers Volt Ritual who released a killer debut album back in June 2022 which saw the band specialise in playing Fuzzed Up Doom/Stoner based jams that takes influence from FU MANCHU, Truckfighters and Black Sabbath. There was also a classic Hard Rock sound that appeared within that album and I’m kicking myself to this day for not reviewing the album when it was originally released.

I’m not making the same mistake with their even better follow-up Return To Jupiter which sees Volt Ritual play a Doomedelic and Desert Rock style of music with the band more comfortable with their own sound and exploring gloomier sounds compared to their debut album. The EP runs for around twenty two minutes and has all the right ingredients for a killer Doom/Stoner Rock release with heavy instrumental jams and great vocals to match.

Opening track Heavy Metal Is Good For You has a KYUSS and TRUCKFIGHTERS essence within the instrumental moments with Volt Ritual exploring a more Progressive style of music. The vocals are kept to a minimum with the song having a few moments of Sludge Rock appearing in the later stages of the track.

Second song Ghostpolis has a more jagged Psychedelic quality with Volt Ritual taking their time blending Scorched Desert soundscapes with a Sludgy Space Rock theme which is quite commonplace for the Polish underground scene. The vocals are more present on this track with a Doom Rock/Metal spirit that allows the band to deliver a more FUZZED UP style of music with Michal’s ever present and powerful bass guitar being one of the standout parts of the song. 

Third song Gwiazdolot is a straight up and classic sounding Fuzz/Stoner Rock song which relies upon the KYUSS/FU MANCHU template of delivering riffs but with a more Punk Rock attitude. The vocals are sung in Polish and remain lively, upbeat and slightly rebellious with the melodic tone throughout the track. The overall sound can be quite GARAGE ROCK based especially within the production side of the EP though it’s still another sublime track from Volt Ritual.

The final song Return To Jupiter is perhaps the standout track with Volt Ritual delving into the Space Rock vortex for a song that’s quite distorted and even progressive based for certain parts of the track. Though, the heavy WEEDIAN moments are ever present for Volt Ritual to play a song that’s deliberately slow paced but one that has the right amount of aggression and melodic attitude to impress listeners with.

Return To Jupiter is another highly rewarding release from Volt Ritual and shows how the band have improved as musicians and storytellers since their debut release. If you want a release with classic sounding Doom/Desert/Stoner Rock grooves but with moments of modern day Psych Rock and Sludge Rock then look no further as Volt Ritual have all bases covered.

Words by Steve Howe 

Thanks to Volt Ritual for the promo.

Return To Jupiter will be available to buy digitally from Friday 02nd February 2024.


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