Tuesday 23 January 2024

Swedish Psych Rockers, NEPAL DEATH, Release New Single 'She Demon'

The Musical Collective of Nepal Death ­now unleash their latest sonic story upon the world. "She Demon (The Exorcism of the ­Rakshasi)" will take you on a mind-­bending trip spanning over nine ­glorious minutes.

The song echoes the rhythms of The Rolling Stones' ­"Sympathy for the Devil" and the vibes of Primal Scream’s "Movin' on Up". Feel the trippy seventies, featuring psychedelic guitars, infectious basslines, drum grooves, magical flute melodies, bells, singing bowls and massive choirs. The lyrics draw inspiration from Hindu legends of the Rakshasi-demons wielding supernatural powers for evil acts. Picture fierce beings with flaming red eyes and hair, savoring the scent of human flesh.

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"Embark on a cosmic odyssey with 'She Demon' - Our tribute to '70s psychedelia, blending the eerie with the energetic. Picture fierce Rakshasi demons and join us in this nine-minute sonic journey featuring amazing guest artists. It's more than a song; it's a direct line to the cosmic vibrations of fierce demons!" - says the band.

She Demon is written and performed by Nepal Death, ­featuring guest ­artists Pontus Torstensson ­(Exorcist GBG/Tentakel), Lisa Isaksson (Second Oracle/Me And My Kites), and Anders Kjellberg (Fontän/Tross).

­Recorded at Studio Katakomb, Kali Kitchen Studios and ­Konrad Tönz Klangwerk.
Released by Kali Psyche Records.
Mixed and mastered by Mikael ­Andersson at Soundport ­Music.
Artwork painted by ­enigmatic ­psychedelic performance artist Zephyr Wycorn

Imagine a transcendent 1972 VW bus speeding down The Hippie Trail. The musical collective of Nepal Death embodies the spirit of free love, peace vibes, and wild music against the enigmatic backdrop of death goddess Kali. Their music invites you to ponder the metamorphosis that awaits beyond the mystical destination of Kathmandu.

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