Saturday 6 January 2024

Ancient Vvisdom - Master Of The Stone (Album Review)

Release Date: 26th January 2024. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Formats: CD/DD

Master Of The Stone - Tracklisting

1. Sold My Soul To Satan

2. The Adversary

3. Apollyon

4. World’s Demise

5. Ashes From On High

6. Master Of The Stone

7. Demon Est Deus Inverses

8. The Devil’s Sermon


Nathan Opposition

Michael Jochum


Master Of The Stone is the new album from Occult Rockers Ancient Vvisdom and their first new album in almost five years. It’s great to see Ancient Vvisdom continuing their relationship with Italian Powerhouse label Argonauta Records for this album. 

The rockers are on fine demented Satanic form with a spellbinding array of Hard Rock, Doom Metal and Stoner Metal grooves that all form dark tales to Lucifer himself which you can tell throughout the album. However, there’s a lot more to Ancient Vvisdom’s music than paying homage to the Lord Of Darkness which advises folks to stay true to themselves whatever their beliefs.

Ancient Vvisdom play a classic style of Acoustic Doom or Acoustic Rock alongside the blistering Heavy Metal sounds that are played on the album. This record has many similarities with their classic debut album A Godlike Inferno with the switching of Acoustic Rhythms and Electric Guitars to great effect.

The opening stages of the album are quite dark and bleak with opening tracks Sold My Soul To Satan and The Adversary setting up the scene which is what we come to expect from Nathan and Michael who form this great band. The lyrics are influenced by the greater Occult and Satanic themes which is part of Ancient Vvisdom’s creative DNA. The instrumental sounds have a lot more Heavy Metal swagger compared to previous releases with moments of Thrash Metal and Groove Metal which gives the record a more THUGGISH sound. This is quite a different sounding Ancient Vvisdom record but there’s a lot of fun to be had amongst the Occult based demonic energy that’s played on the album.

Masters Of The Stone has a more Apocalyptic energy which becomes ever more present as the album marches on through great tracks such as Apollyon, World’s Demise and Ashes From On High. There’s also a warped Psychedelic energy appearing on the heaviest moments of the album which gives a more unsettling feeling to the album.

Ancient Vvisdom show their softer side with their acoustic songs such as World’s Demise which could have easily come from their landmark release A Godlike Inferno. The song is powered along by sublime vocals and an exquisite acoustic guitar which is perhaps more Gothic Doom than Americana. The lyrics are quite subversive that could even describe the horrible events going on in today's world.

Master Of The Stone also features a few guest musicians, Vanek from the band MIDNIGHT does a guest guitar solo on the track Ashes From On High. Matt Sorg from the bands RINGWORM and Shed The Skin does a guest solo on Sold My Soul To Satan and Noah from NUNSLAUGHTER also played guitar on a few tracks as well. This is perhaps the reason why the album is perhaps more HEAVY METAL focused but still remains a wonderful sounding Ancient Vvisodm record in its own right.

The album is on the short side clocking in around thirty minutes but Ancient Vvisdom get the job done in providing the world of Occult Rock and Doom Metal with another exquisite record to satisfy their Demonic and Satanic cravings with. With excellent and rich sounding production values, Ancient Vvisdom are back to reclaim their place as one of the best Occult Rock bands within the scene. 

Welcome back guys. You’ve been missed. Master Of The Stone is an essential release. I’m hoping that Master Of The Stoner is given the vinyl treatment further down the line. As it’s a great record that deserves to be released on vinyl. 

Words by Steve Howe 

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Master Of The Stone will be available to buy on CD/DD via Argonauta Records from January 26th 2024.


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